YouTube Thumbnail Maker: Bring Your Amazing Idea to Life with VistaCreate

Thumbnail video is the first thing that catches your eye when browsing the YouTube feed. The viewer only has a second to decide if he or she will watch what he or she has stumbled upon. With a good preview, that’s enough time to convince them to click on the video icon. A clickable splash page is one of the three components of successful optimization. What tools can you use to create your perfect video in VistaCreate? What tips do you need and what’s the advantage of this particular youtube thumbnail maker

We’re ready to share our experience below.

Basic Tools for YouTube Previews

VistaCreate makes it easy to create great designs for YouTube previews in just a couple of minutes. Here’s what you can use in the process:

  1. Templates – there’s no need to start with an empty template! In fact, the cast of professional designers from VistaCreate have created 70,000+ stunning quick-start layouts.
  1. Work on Style – personalize the design of your YouTube previews with this feature. You will be able to upload any of your photos or graphic elements to your creation.
  1. Editing Thumbnails – you can change everything in your YouTube thumbnail design from lettering and fonts to backgrounds and images.
  1. Resizing – created a cool design in the online preview builder and want to use it in a different format? Choose from any of the suggested sizes, or just specify your own parameters.
  1. Bright Objects – the VistaCreate editor has a sea of themes to easily add to your previews: illustrations, icons, stickers, frames, and more.

This way you can create your own unique preview, which will have all the possibilities to be publicized on the YouTube page.  

Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of YouTube Thumbnail  

Thumbnail catches everyone’s eye and encourages you to check out the video. Use these suggestions when you start creating your design:

  • Be frank and honest – a thumbnail is a brief retelling of what will be in the video. It is a real announcement of the video. Try to make the cover so that the approximate plot is clear even without the title. Do not deceive the viewer. Clickbait will only hurt your work.
  • Choose the right font – the caption on the preview should be easy and pleasant to read. Do not go overboard with the number of fonts, so as not to be cluttered. Besides, distracting details, “noisy” backgrounds, lots of small objects – all this complicates perception. The viewer does not understand what exactly is waiting for him, so there is less chance that he will open the video.
  • Use the best images – choose bright, high-quality images that look great at any size and convey the key message of the video. Different colors evoke different associations for us. And it’s important that the colors match the theme of the video and the age category.
  • Think of a non-trivial title – the balance between directness and intrigue is important in titles. Engage the viewer enough to make them want to click on the video.
  • Watch the analytics – YouTube analytics can help you figure out if your audience likes your previews and video titles. Track how viewers behave in the first seconds of viewing.

Among other things, don’t forget to work on composition.

If the composition of the frame is broken, the viewer does not understand what to pay attention to. Too much free space on the screen saver or a non-harmonious filling of the frame reduces the viewer’s interest and makes him flip through the clip in the feed.

Editing and the Process of Working with VistaCreate

In the Objects tab, you’ll find everything you need – shapes, lines, icons, and more. All of these will help make your design truly unique and authentic. To add a new object to your design, find it in the collection and simply transfer it to your composition. If you want to remove an object, simply select it and click “Remove” in the editor. Illustrations and icons can be different colors – change them, but don’t overdo it. We recommend using no more than four colors at a time.

You can also easily edit text – change fonts, captions, colors, layout, spacing of letters and lines. Flip objects, display, crop and copy them, adjust transparency and move them between layers/all this is already available for you to use. In addition, it is worth pointing out that in comparison with other services VistaCreate copes best with the functions of applying filters, adding photos to the designs.

So, you don’t need to be a designer to create stunning previews for YouTube videos! With VistaCreate, you have at your fingertips a set of tools and graphic objects with which to make any design idea a reality!


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