You Know Me Al PDF by Ring Lardner

You Know Me Al PDF

Download You Know Me Al PDF by Ring Lardner – From You Know Me Al PDF: One of the classic baseball stories, You Know Me Al, first published in 1914, tells the story of the fictional Jack Keefe, a bush league baseball player who earns a trip to the majors to pitch for the Chicago White Sox. Buy from Amazon

You Know Me Al PDF

Set in pre–World War I, the book is comprised of letters that Keefe sends to his “old pal” Al. Through the letters, the self-centered Keefe reveals his regular struggles to maintain his position in the big leagues as well as his personal life and juggle his financial difficulties. Nevertheless, the tales from on and off the field as he travels with the team are full of wit, insight, and entertainment. You Know Me Al PDF

They include Keefe’s encounters with baseball legends such as Ty Cobb, Charles Comiskey, Walter Johnson, and Eddie Cicotte.

In this edition of the book, which includes a foreword by acclaimed writer John Thorn, readers can relive all of the glory of this historic era of baseball through the eyes of one of Ring Lardner’s most comical characters, a century after his creation! You Know Me Al PDF

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Review – You Know Me Al PDF

This review refers to the 99¢ Kindle edition. The entire text appears to be there, but there are what seem to have been titles for illustrations sitting around loose, with the illustrations themselves missing. Never mind that, however, what about the book?

There is some clever observation here about human nature that transcends the baseball framework. Jack Keefe, who tells us his story through letters to his friend Al, is an aspiring pitcher starting out in the majors. You Know Me Al PDF

He would probably be much the same person in any line of work, though, vain about his abilities, blaming his failures on other people or on pure chance, but never on himself, taking full credit for his successes without realizing how others have helped him. He is undisciplined, irresponsible, easily manipulated, and generally clueless. After a couple of near misses with female sports fans, he marries a young woman as irresponsible and unready for married life as himself. You Know Me Al PDF

Their relationship is rocky, and her demands coupled with his foolishness nearly wreck his career. No doubt they will both mature and work things out, but Lardner never gives in to sentimentality in describing their marriage.

On the positive side, Jack is genuinely talented as a pitcher, and will probably be okay in the long run. He means well, and it’s obvious that Al, who never gets to speak for himself, sees something in him worthy of friendship. Jack’s devotion to his infant son is touching, although as with everything else in his life, tinged with cluelessness. You Know Me Al PDF

Still, apart from the human interest, there is that baseball framework. Well, of course there is. Lardner was a sports writer, writing fiction aimed at baseball fans. He knew the world of professional baseball, at least as it was in his time, and put that knowledge into this book. Unfortunately, at least for a non-fan such as myself, that makes long stretches of this rather short book very tedious. The baseball is inseparable from the story, but for me it was the least interesting part of it. There were lots of smiles here, but also plenty of yawns. You Know Me Al PDF

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About the Author

John Thorn is the official historian of Major League Baseball. Apart from his creation, with Pete Palmer, of Total Baseball, he is often visible on ESPN, MLBTV, the History Channel, and other television outlets as a sports authority and commentator. He was also a major on-screen presence in and chief consultant to Ken Burns’s 18 ½-hour PBS film Baseball. Thorn co-wrote The Hidden Game of Baseball and has written several other books on baseball, including Treasures of the Baseball Hall of FameThe Game for All America, and Baseball in the Garden of Eden: A Secret History of the Early Game.

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