You Can You Will by Joel Osteen

you can you will by joel osteenYou Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner

In YOU CAN, YOU WILL, Joel Osteen shares eight undeniable qualities of winners that can help you to reach your potential and achieve new levels of success in your life. You are created to be a winner. Get these eight principles deep down on the inside and boldly go in the direction of your destiny.

Joel Osteen focuses on the irrefutable traits and attributes of highly successful people. These personal qualities are tested through the ages and all types of circumstances. These practical principles guide the lives of champions.

The eight qualities are:

Create bold visions – Dare to dream big dreams.

Run your own race – Focus on your unique course and goals.

Think positively – Control your thoughts and attitudes.

Expect Good things to happen-Anticipate great opportunities.

Stay Passionate – Light the fire within and approach life with enthusiasm.

Commit to excellence – Do your best and maintain high standards.

Keep growing – Deal with your weaknesses and continually improve. 

Serve Others – Invest yourself in others

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About the Author

Joel Osteen is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers. He is the senior pastor of America’s largest congregation, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. More than 45,000 people attend services there every week.

His televised messages are seen by more than 10 million viewers each week in the United States, and millions more in 100 nations around the world. His 24-hour channel on SiriusXM Satellite Radio and millions of social media followers have prompted numerous publications to name him as one of the most influential Christian leaders in the world. He resides in Houston with his wife, Victoria, and their children


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