You Can Negotiate Anything PDF

You Can Negotiate Anything PDF

Download You Can Negotiate Anything PDF book free by Herb Cohen – From You Can Negotiate Anything PDF:From mergers to marriages, from loans to lovemaking, the #1 bestseller You Can Negotiate Anything proves that “money, justice, prestige, love—it’s all negotiable.” Buy from Amazon

You Can Negotiate Anything PDF

Hailed by such publications as Time, People, and Newsweek, Cohen has advised presidents on everything from domestic policy to hostage crises to combating internal terrorism. His advice: “Be patient, be personal, be informed—and you can bargain successfully for anything.”

Inside, you’ll learn the keys to using Herb Cohen’s proven strategy for dealing with your mate, your boss, your credit card company, your children, your lawyer, your best friends, and even yourself: You Can Negotiate Anything PDF

•The three crucial steps to success
• Identifying the other side’s negotiating style—and how to deal with it
• The win-win technique
• Using time to your advantage
• The power of persistence, persuasion, and attitude
• The art of the telephone negotiation, and much more

“Power is based upon perception—if you think you’ve got it then you’ve got it!” affirms Herb Cohen, the world’s expert. And with this book, you’ve got the power to get what you really want right in your hands.

Review – You Can Negotiate Anything PDF

This is a very good book on negotiating that I purchased, or had given to me about 30 years ago. It’s sufficiently short in length, but long on fundamentals, that you could quite literally read (and learn) the key points in a single day.

I’ve always liked the mix of the emphasis both on the win-win perspective of negotiating vs. the just “I’ve got to win” angle, as well as the use of some light-handed psychology that helps shape the expectations of your opposite negotiating party, and so that the transaction evolves to something that both parties can live with (since nobody should always get everything they want – or at least not in the real world). You Can Negotiate Anything PDF

The book proved it’s worth for me on at least 2-3 practical occasions in the past (2 car-buying and one house-buying experiences). In some regards those transactions and the negotiations, which I (and most people I suspect) usually dread – were actually kind of enjoyable. The key is to never put yourself in the position of having to close the deal (on whatever) right then. Time urgency-driven need will kill you, because you always have to be willing to walk away from a deal, and have the attitude that this is not the last car or the last house on the face of the planet. This isn’t always easy when you’re in partnership with a desparately pleading spouse who isn’t helping much with statements of “this house is perfect”, “we’ve got to have this house”, and “we can’t let this one get away no matter what” – right in front of the seller, the seller’s real estate agent and your real estate agent. Because at that point you should pretty much realize you’ve surrendered virtually any negotiating leverage you might have had. You Can Negotiate Anything PDF

I’ve got my employees at work now reading this book, because I find that for some of our employees negotiating appears to have become a totally lost art. When they’re all fully “read-in” on the book, I plan on trying to develop a negotiating “primer” for our organization’s recruiters – because I believe their current understanding of negotiating with job candidates on the issue of salary, is limited to: would you like a little more or a lot more?!?! Whether purchased New or Used, this book is a timeless winner, with practical value for everyone – buy it.

You Can Negotiate Anything PDF by Herb Cohen: eBook Information

  • Full Book Name – You Can Negotiate Anything
  • Author of this Book -Herb Cohen
  • Language – English
  • Book Genre – Non-Fiction, Management
  • Download Format – PDF
  • Size – 2.1 MB
  • eBook Pages – 228

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About the Author

Herb Cohen has been called “the world’s best negotiator” by Playboy magazine. Cohen’s expertise is harnessed in business, government, commercial dealings, corporate management, and crisis management. Cohen has written several books and publications and has given speeches around the world.


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