Writing for Strategic Communication Industries by Jasmine Roberts

Writing for Strategic Communication Industries – Good writing skills are important in today’s competitive work environment. This is especially the case for communication-related professions such as public relations, brand communication, journalism, and marketing. Writing for Strategic Communication Industries emphasizes practical application of academic inquiry to help readers improve their writing skills. This book gives readers:

  • Straightforward chapters that use real-world examples to illustrate key points.
  • Discussion of different writing styles and techniques.
  • Examples of communication materials such as press releases, creative briefs, feature articles, and more.
  • Embedded videos of insights from communication professionals.
  • Tips on pitching to the media.
  • A collection of popular sources for further explanation

Recommended Books

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Defining Strategic Communication
  • Chapter 2: Media Writing–Conventions, Culture, and Style
  • Chapter 3: Strategic Communication Ethics
  • Chapter 4: News Value
  • Chapter 5: News Writing Basics
  • Chapter 6: Feature Writing
  • Chapter 7: Public Relations Industry
  • Chapter 8: Media Relations
  • Chapter 9: Public Relations Writing
  • Chapter 10: Social Media–Uses and Messaging
  • Chapter 11: Advertising Industry
  • Chapter 12: Creating a Writing Portfolio

About the Contributors


Jasmine Roberts is a strategic communication lecturer in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University. She teaches classes in public communication campaigns, writing  for strategic communication, persuasive communication, and public speaking. Roberts earned her bachelor’s degree in communication studies and Spanish at the University of Michigan and her master’s degree in communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has experience as a marketing and public relations professional for nonprofit, entertainment, and banking industries in the United States and Spain.

Roberts is also the contributing author of “Effective Public Speaking–A Top Hat Interactive Text.” Her current pedagogical interests include project-based learning and global education. She specifically enjoys assisting undergraduate students in applying theories and skills to real-world projects and problems. 

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