Wound Care Essentials Practice Principles

Wound Care Essentials Practice Principles

Download Wound Care Essentials Practice Principles PDF book free online – Looking for an up-to-date, how-to, evidence-based wound care reference? The newly revised  Wound Care Essentials , 5th Edition  is  the  comprehensive seminal resource, offering the latest evidence, guidelines and information to assist the interprofessional skin and wound care team translate knowledge into practice. Buy From Amazon

A crucial guide for all skin and wound care professionals, this essential resource provides authoritative science and practical instruction on wound care best practices. 

This must-have guide offers the latest, skin and wound care research-backed insights on prevention and management strategies… 

  • Three New Chapters — Skin, Challenging Skin Conditions and Lymphedema 
  • More chapter contributions from global wound care opinion leaders
  • More ( now 50  helpful color photos  in the wound gallery 
  • Comprehensive end-of-book certification practice exam , including new review questions
  • Chapter features that include: 
    • All chapters have been updated with the latest available research and educational enablers
    • Visual aids, mnemonics, tables boxes, diagrams. and charts to highlight key concepts
    • Practice Point Boxes – quick summaries of knowledge for best practices that assist in retaining knowledge
    • Show What You Know – review questions at the end of each chapter and answers with explanations at the end of the book
    • Patient Scenario – case studies that illustrate clinical data and discuss application of information
  • Skin and Wound Care Concepts —every chapter has been updated with the most current international guidelines especially for pressure injuries and skin tears
  • Essential content for training staff  at wound centers and in every healthcare practice setting – ideal for updating skin and wound care policies and procedures

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About the Authors
Sharon Baranoski, MSN, RN, CCNS-APN, CWCN, MAPWCA, FAAN, is a Board-certified, Advanced Practice Nurse specializing in skin & wound care. Her experience crosses all health care setting. She is a well-known consultant, lecturer, author and educator. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing. She is a former President of the International Skin Tear Advisory Board and the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel and remains an active member of both organizations. Sharon has received numerous accolades and awards for her 35 plus years of work in the field of wound care.  

Elizabeth A. Ayello, PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CWON, ETN, MAPWCA, FAAN, is a Board-certified wound and ostomy nurse who believes in the interprofessional team approach to skin and wound care practice and education. A fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, she is an internationally known prolific author, editor, researcher, consultant (including to CMS) and innovative, interactive educator who is the current Co- Editor in Chief of  Advances in Skin and Wound Care , President of the World Council of Enterostomal.

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