Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters Pdf

Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters Pdf

Download Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters Pdf book free online. Evie Summers is charged with finding out. Because her career will be over if she can’t get Ezra Chester, the head of her film agency, to pen the romantic comedy screenplay he owes producers. The problem? He believes that rom-coms are unrealistic, and he won’t begin writing until Evie convinces him that meeting a man in real life can be just how it is on the big screen. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Cynical Even though Evie doesn’t believe in happily ever after, she will go to any lengths to keep the job that has been her lifeline, even if it means performing famous rom-com sequences in front of others. Orange juice spilled on a gorgeous stranger? No issue. Leaving her phone number in various London-area books to see who calls? Done.

About the Author

Rachel Winters resides in London and is unmarried. She has spent the most of her twenties working as a freelancer for local papers and online publications, where she has edited craft magazines and written weekly columns about pets (despite the fact that she doesn’t own any). It is incredibly sexy and urban. She enjoys taking long walks in the countryside and in large cities, and she firmly thinks that most issues can be resolved with the help of close friends and copious amounts of wine. Currently, she works as an editor at Orion Books.

Download Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters Pdf


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