World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards 2020

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards

World Innovation Summit for Education Awards 2020 – The WISE Awards will identify, celebrate, and promote six innovative projects for their positive contribution to education and society.

The Awards highlight initiatives found to be most creative and effective in finding solutions to education challenges at any level and in all environments. In bringing forward these models, WISE is helping build a network of recognized change-makers to inspire transformation and innovation in education.

About World Innovation Summit for Education Awards 2020.

Each year, the WISE Awards recognizes and promotes six innovative projects that address global education challenges and transforming communities. The selected projects are models of excellence that serve as an inspiration for others to improve education through innovation and creative action.

Representatives of projects are invited to submit applications to demonstrate the nature and reach of their activities. Nominations of projects are also invited. Past winning projects have addressed a wide range of concerns and pursuits, including access to quality education, life-long learning opportunities, early childhood education, employment, civic education and education in emergency contexts.


  • Ongoing/existing education projects run by any type of organization such as colleges, universities, academic networks, schools consortia, civil society and community organizations, governments, international agencies and private-sector companies working in the field of education are invited to apply or nominate.
  • Projects can also belong to any education sector such as pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational training, higher education, special needs education, education for people with disabilities, informal learning, and distance-based, non-formal and lifelong learning.
  • Projects from any part of the world can apply or be nominated for the WISE Awards.
  • Anyone who has submitted a previous application to the WISE Awards can submit a new application for the same – or for a different – project.
  • Previous recipients of the WISE Awards are not eligible to apply for the 2020 WISE Awards. Moreover, others involved in the projects and/or activities that have received previous WISE Awards are not eligible to apply on behalf of the same project or activity.

World Innovation Summit for Education Awards 2020 Benefits.

  • Each WISE Awards winning project will receive US$20,000, and will benefit from increased public interest through media exposure and other channels.
  • The WISE Awards is not a grant scheme aimed at supporting projects, nor is it intended to be a source of funding for new and untried ideas. Any such applications or nominations will not be considered.

World Innovation Summit for Education Awards 2020 Requirements.


  • Applications should be for original works and projects, and should be submitted by a representative working within the project.
  • All applicants should therefore guarantee that their organization, or they themselves, originated the project, and should not hold WISE liable for any action or claim from a third party with respect to the project submitted.


  • Nominations can be submitted by persons external to the organization running the project, this could be a beneficiary, partnering organization, government agency…etc.
  • Nominators will be requested to identify themselves in the submission form, although this information will be kept confidential by WISE, nominators may or may not request information from the project in order to best fill out the nomination form.
  • However, WISE will contact nominated projects if they are shortlisted for the Pre-Jury evaluation.

World Innovation Summit for Education Awards 2020 Criteria.

  • The WISE Awards recognize innovative educational projects that have already demonstrated a transformative impact on individuals, communities and society.
  • The ideal project would be an ongoing, innovative and impactful education initiative that:
    • Has an excellent record of proven success
    • Is financially sustainable
    • Has a clear plan indicating the project’s future objectives and future development
    • Is scalable
    • Is replicable in other contexts and regions of the world
    • Has a clear understanding and knowledge of:
      • its innovative nature;
      • its distinctiveness within its sphere of action, and;
      • the type and depth of its impact on its beneficiaries


Only one application can be submitted for a single educational activity or project. This condition applies in instances where different organizations submit similar applications for the same educational activity or project, in this case all applications will be deemed ineligible.

Individuals may only submit a single application. Other individuals working for the same organization are allowed to submit different applications for different educational activities.


Several nominations from different individuals may be submitted for the same project, although this has no bearing on the judging process.

The same nominators may submit several nominations for different projects.


The language for applications to the 2020 WISE Awards is English. Whilst the quality of written English is not a criterion for assessing applications, it is strongly recommended that applicants pay particular attention to ensuring that their applications can be properly understood in English.

How to Apply/Nominate for World Innovation Summit for Education Awards 2020.

It is possible to apply for a WISE Awards on behalf of your own project, or to nominate another project for the WISE Award.

In order for the application/nomination form to be eligible, your submission must:

  • Be entered into the official form on the online system (curriculum vita or other forms of documents will not be considered)
  • Be complete and accurate
  • Be submitted in English
  • Be submitted online by the official deadline
  • In the case of an application, the form must include the contact details of two supporters (e.g. former donors, local governments, other NGOs, etc.)


  • The deadline for submission of applications is January 20, 2020, 13.00 GMT.
  • The Pre-Jury will review all eligible applications.
  • The shortlisted Finalists will be announced in May 2020.
  • An Innovation Assessment will be organized, as described below.
  • The Jury will review the finalists based on the submitted forms and the evaluations conducted onsite.
  • Announcement of the six winners mid-October 2020.
  • The six winners will be visited onsite by the WISE film team starting October 2020.

Selection Process – World Innovation Summit for Education Awards 2020.


In the event that your project is amongst the finalist projects, applicants agree and allocate time for an onsite innovation assessment. This assessment will be on site and/or from distance between March and June 2020.


A Pre-Jury of education experts will be responsible for evaluating the initial applications or nominations and will propose a shortlist of finalists based on the criteria and the information provided in the application forms. WISE will approve the selection of around 15 finalists.


The shortlisted applications of the finalists will be reviewed by a Jury composed of prominent educational figures drawn from government, civil society, the private sector, international organizations, universities and social entrepreneurs. The Jury will select the six winning projects.

Acknowledgement of general terms and conditions


In the case of an application, initial applicant will receive the Award on behalf of the project. Teams should select one project representative to apply and be the recipient of the Award.

In the case of a nomination, the project will be asked to select one project representative, should the project reach the finalist stage.


WISE reserves the right to publicize the finalists and the winning projects by means of any kind of communication (internal and/or commercial advertising), through any promotional media (press, magazines, catalogues, websites, etc.) and all over the world.

This communication may be in the form of pictures, recordings (audio and video) and texts supplied by each of the Finalists and winning projects.

By reaching the finalist stage of the WISE Awards, contestants agree to provide photos and descriptions of their projects at the time of the Awards and for a period of at least two years following the Awards. They also acknowledge the right of the WISE initiative to use this material.

Finalists and winning projects agree to provide the WISE initiative with information on any developments related to their projects that may be a result of, or linked to, the WISE initiative and the WISE Awards.

The representatives of the winning projects also agree to give full access and facilitate, when necessary, the film production and innovation assessment conducted by a third party assessor.


By taking part in this competition, applicants agree that their personal details will be included in a database owned by the WISE initiative, which will be the exclusive custodian of the said details for the purpose of managing the specified competition. The WISE initiative will not sell or distribute applicants’ personal data to third parties.

Applicants have the right to access and modify any personal data concerning themselves. Applicants also have the right to refuse to be included in a database and may exercise these rights at any time by making the appropriate request in writing to [email protected].


WISE reserves the right to modify the conditions of the call for projects and/or the Awards at any time.

WISE shall not be liable if the call for projects is extended, shortened, modified or cancelled, or if problems arise with the website or due to loss of materials in e-mail and/or postal services.

Applicants cannot dispute the choice of Finalists or the winning projects nor can they dispute the allocation of the Awards.


WISE owns the intellectual property rights for texts, photos, films, documentaries, etc. made for the WISE initiative and also for the trademarks and logos appearing in various supporting media. Consequently, the applicants cannot use them, in whole or in part, unless they have received specific authorization from the WISE Team.


These rules for the WISE Awards are governed by Qatari law and, in the event of a dispute regarding their interpretation or performance, such a dispute shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Doha, Qatar.


To access the application system and for further information about the 2020 WISE Awards please visit the official website: For any queries, please contact the WISE Team through the website or by email: [email protected]


Applying for the 2020 WISE Awards implies full acceptance of and respect for these rules by the applicants.

Interpretation of these rules falls within the exclusive competence of WISE

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