Wolf King by Lindsey Devin PDF

Wolf King by Lindsey Devin PDF

Download Wolf King by Lindsey Devin PDF book free. Their union is her downfall…Aurora is a virgin, but she’s certainly not innocent. She knows the cutthroat Wolf King ceremony that pits female wolves against each other isn’t about finding a suitable consort for Steele. It’s an indulgent animalistic display of passion and power.

However, if she avoids the ceremony, her father’s kingdom will become Steele’s. It doesn’t mean she will lower herself to his questionable standards. In fact, she’ll go to any lengths to lose, because she already has Griffin, a far superior suitor, waiting for her. Then Aurora is chosen, and her world is thrown upside down. Steele is brutal, untamed, ruthless, and demanding. But that’s not what scares her the most—it’s their undeniable attraction. If Aurora is to survive the savage wolf court and Steele’s attentions, she must protect her heart at all costs. Long enough for Griffin to launch a rescue party, and for her to live through the battle she knows is coming…

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