Wolf God by Veronica Douglas Pdf

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Some monsters just need to be tamed.


When the Dark Wolf God threatened my pack, I defied him. His retaliation was quick and brutal.

The ruthless god tore me from my life and imprisoned me in his kingdom. He’s convinced I have magic that will free him from a curse.

He’s as powerful as he is sexy—but he’s also wrong. I’m just a wolf shifter, right?

Cadean, the Dark Wolf God

I know the little wolf’s secret: she has the power to save me, or bring me to my knees. I need her help to protect my kingdom from the fae, but she thinks I’m a monster.

The truth is far worse: I’m a brutal beast that will defend my people, no matter the price.

Could the woman who wields the power to undo me be my mate? If so, I’ll destroy the world just to keep her safe.

Wolf God: Samantha & Cadean, Book 1 of 3
This is part 1 of a dual-POV, slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance with a HEA in Book 3. Along the way, you can expect action, shifting alliances, and steamy romance set in a fantasy world.

***This is a standalone series. However, if you want to learn more about the events that gave rise to this story, you can sink your teeth into the completed 
Wolf Bound series.


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