Witch and Peace Bettina M Johnson PDF

Download Witch and Peace Bettina M Johnson PDF book free. An unexpected ice storm. Another murder. A kidnapped loved one. Bringing the battle to the evil witch is the only answer. Will Lily Sweet survive? That is what Lily is counting on when she decides sneaking into prison can bring her that much closer to her quarry. How else can she get access to the very place she’s been trying to enter all along, and hopefully make her way to where her enemy reigns supreme.

Lily can bring the war to Donna. Lily and Adelaide with the help of the meanest dark witch to ever grace Joe’s Diner, one Adriana Dolce, are in the war room, plotting and strategizing their next move in the quest to find and rescue Charlie Sweet – Lily’s long-lost father. But it isn’t all planning and no action. With a new-found respect for her studies, Lily is becoming adept at not only magic, but weaponry…thanks to Addy, and daily sparring. Before a new spell is cast to find Charlie, Lily and her family will hit an unexpected road block that will lead them to seek answers with the very woman who has been behind all the evil…and take the battle to her doorstep to get them. During an ice storm to end all ice storms, a body turn up, Grandfather Antonio is kidnapped, and Lily winds up in trouble for smacking the hot new female deputy who just happens to be an old flame of Lorcan’s. Nothing is ever easy…but Lily is ready for the fight. And she won’t stop until she has the tools needed to bring Antonio home, take Donna out, and remove the threat to her happiness…and heart. Lily embracing her dark witch is something to behold. When evil wants war…Lily is ready to battle for love…and ultimately, win! A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery, Book 6.


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