Wish Upon A Baby By Amaris Ricci Pdf

Wish Upon A Baby By Amaris Ricci Pdf

Download Wish Upon A Baby By Amaris Ricci Pdf book free online – from Wish Upon A Baby By Amaris Ricci Pdf book; All she ever wanted was to have a baby. Anaia Prescott was forty years old and she was desperate to get pregnant. She tried everything and since her doctors told her she was in perfect health, she couldn’t think of anything else she could try. Her husband of twenty years was the best man she could hope for but she feared she would lose him if she couldn’t give him a child.

She prayed every night, for years. She was about to give up hope and ask the man she loved most in this world to betray the one thing that held them together.

Excerpt from the book:

Anaia was born to wealthy parents Lynn and Livvy Fenty. They had purchased a small plot of land in St. Andrew and within 10 years, they managed to acquire 30 of the surrounding lots. The used the lots for low income housing with their target market aimed towards young married couples. They needed to purchase more lots since every single property was already sold and houses were being built. They searched for a suitable area and decided to buy as many as they could as their type of housing was becoming more and more popular. At one point they even considered medium condos for those who didn’t want a house.

After about three months of searching, they found it, the perfect spot. It was located in Graeme Hall along the ABC Highway. There weren’t many houses out there and they would market it as vacation condos suitable for families. Much to their surprise and good fortune, the spot opposite was for sale as well and they took the chance.

“Lynn honey, this is a big risk.” “I know babe but we won’t get another spot of land like this for a while and at this price we can’t go wrong. We can pay for the second spot cash and use it as collateral to acquire the first one and start construction. I think we should sell the house and find something smaller. Two bedrooms is just enough for us right now.”


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