Why book reading can positively influence students’ writing skills

Reading is one of the most common leisure time activities done by people. Everyone likes reading because of their own unique reasons. Let’s consider some of them below! 

The reasons for reading 

According to a recent survey, 26% of respondents said that what they enjoy most is learning, discovering interesting information and gaining knowledge. About 15% of people said that reading helps them escape from reality and become immersed into another world, so they experience great enjoyment from using their imaginations. An equal percentage of respondents, namely 12%, said that they like how entertaining and relaxing reading is. Nearly 6% of survey participants study topics that interest them through reading, while 4% find spiritual enrichment in books. The rest of the people prefer reading in their free time to mentally challenge themselves. 

As you see, the reasons to read books vary greatly from one person to another. But most importantly, everybody finds some value in this activity. 

Help for students

Studying at college or university is one of the most challenging aspects of anybody’s life. Typically, students are so overloaded with classes and home assignments that there is no time left for anything else. It may sound paradoxical but some adolescents cannot even find a few hours for reading. Their learning activity becomes limited to revising notes taken during lectures, watching educational videos and writing numerous essays. If you’ve faced a similar situation, you can turn to an online assignment writing service, which is a web platform helping students with their homework. You can set an order for your paper at one of the most popular services and professional writers will complete your assignment due to the deadline date. This way, you can save your time for reading and other useful activities. 

How reading affects writing skills 

Improved critical thinking 

It’s impossible to become a decent writer without developing critical thinking skills. And some of the best tools to enhance your critical thinking are books. While reading a novel or a short story, always ask yourself what you think about the content. You can analyze if it’s really good and why. Try to understand why you consider your favourite literary works to be great. If you are able to critically assess a book and determine what makes it good or bad, you will learn how to bring better thoughtfulness to your own work.

More inspiration 

Many students struggle to find inspiration for writing. It seems difficult for them to generate new ideas when a life consists of boring routines only. However, by adding reading to your daily schedule, you can recharge your creative juices. If you constantly expose yourself to new concepts and exciting plots, you’ll notice how inspired you become when it comes to writing another school essay. Most importantly, you must make reading a habit to get better results. 

Better writing styles

If you love reading books of different genres and authors, you’ve probably noticed how unique writing styles are. Reading exposes you to a big variety of writing approaches. If you focus on the mechanics that make different genres, you will understand more about stylistic choices. In general, to find your own style, you have to approach books with an eye on the authors’ stylistic tendencies.

Advanced vocabulary 

Undoubtedly, reading helps you significantly expand your vocabulary. Most literary works, especially when it comes to classics, are rich in sophisticated terms and phrases. If you highlight or write them down while reading, you can boost your active vocabulary. Pay special attention to words that you don’t know and jot them down to memorize. One day, you’ll be able to assimilate them into your own writing project.

Excellent grammar 

Some grammar rules are too tricky to learn and follow, so even good writers are prone to making mistakes from time to time. Any professor would confirm that it’s better to study grammar in the context. Hence, you can approach a novel as a means of studying grammar without a textbook. To prevent errors in your writing, notice how professional authors use punctuation and grammar conventions.

A few helpful tips 

To improve your writing by reading, you should always read with purpose rather than just for pleasure. Pay attention to the tricks used by an author to tackle different subjects and notice how they craft their story structures. Try to read the books of different authors as they can teach you something unique. For example, J.K. Rowling can show you how to create fictional worlds, while Rebecca Curtis can teach you how to use repetition for humor. 

Final thoughts 

Reading is a highly beneficial activity. It helps us relax, gain new knowledge and challenge our mind. Books can be a great tool to improve your writing skills by developing critical thinking, creativity, vocabulary, grammar and your writing style. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to make reading a part of your daily routine.


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