Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D’joha Rha Pdf

Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D'joha Rha Pdf

Download Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D’joha Rha. By L. M. Ridd Pdf book free online – from Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D’joha Rha. By L. M. Ridd Pdf book; Sharina Blaithe has no idea that the man who rescued her from certain death is actually a famous explorer, a man revered and honored throughout the galaxy of Valtor: D’Jon’Ni Whitelaw. Last of the Valiants.

To safeguard his location and the legendary, underwater city of D’joha Rha, he is quick to inform Sharina that all she has known until then is now history and that she must remain in D’joha Rha forever.

Sharina has no problem with this directive as she comes to enjoy her new life, until she realizes that Whitelaw will never care for her as she does for him.

Only when her safety is threatened, and that of D’joha Rha, does Whitelaw finally reveal his true feelings for her.

Or is it already too late? Will Sharina face a future without him in it? Will the legend be destroyed forever, together with D’joha Rha, by forces beyond their control? Or will fate mark the course of their destiny…one last time. Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D’joha Rha. By L. M. Ridd Pdf


Sharina Blaithe, still single, 32, and slender, stared down dismally at the filthy water in her mop bucket, unwilling to believe how she had been so demoted among the ranks. In seven scalons, she had finally made it to a top leadership position in engineering at Xanton Industries, only to suddenly be thrust back to an entry-level service position. Even now, she couldn’t figure out why. In only a few short mentas, she had managed to turn things around, leading her department in a new, more efficient direction for the future, among rave reviews and comments from her peers and coworkers. She shook her head at the humiliation of being replaced by an incompetent Vaalstran. It was the worst thing she could ever recall happening to her, and the pain of it was still stirring her to anger.

Leaning down, she wrung out the dirty wet mop by hand, then hoisted it up to hang on a drying peg in the utility closet before carefully emptying the heavy bucket. Finished for the day, she sighed and clicked off the light. Closing and locking the door, she wearily made her way to her locker one floor below, aware that she was one of the few people still in the building. It was sixth day, so she was looking forward to having the next day off, to honor the Source’s special day of rest. Her people were fortunate that Kaanig Altair, sovereign ruler of the galaxy, was adamant about allowing everyone a full day of rest each vesta, or people like P’Lon Dentries would make everyone work twelve hours or more every day, for their greed alone. As she hurried down the stairs to the next level, toward the ladies’ locker area, an unfamiliar masculine voice stopped her dead in her tracks. Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D’joha Rha. By L. M. Ridd Pdf

“Hey, beautiful! Where have you been hiding all my life?”

Turning in curiosity, Sharina peered up at the handsome stranger with some surprise, blinking.

“Excuse me?”
The man moved closer and put an elbow to the wall beside her, gazing down at her as though mesmerized.

“Such beauty doesn’t deserve to be hidden,” he said, putting a bold hand to her arm, his attempt at intimacy sending a quiver of delight through her. Having been unattached for so long because of her education and career goals, Sharina found that the attention of any male, particularly one so well-built and handsome, was enough to cause her guard to drop and her mouth to fall open. Whitelaw: Last Valiant of D’joha Rha. By L. M. Ridd Pdf

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