Where Students can Research Information: Comparison of Free Essay Examples and Free PDF Books

Research is one of the most important elements of the studying process. No matter what kind of assignment or project you are working on, you must be able to find valuable information for your topic in credible sources. If you are not good at researching, your learning is doomed to failure. 

Some students believe that academic textbooks are the only reliable source of information. However, is this really true? In today’s world, there are many more alternatives to traditional textbooks. Let’s consider some of them below!

Physical  sources

Read textbooks

If you are studying at a college or a university, you probably have access to a physical library at your campus. Sometimes, they keep materials that are not available online, so you can benefit greatly from your situation. Luckily, you don’t need to search for what you need manually. Nowadays, most libraries have a retrieval system that can be accessed via your computer. With its help, you can search a database of authors, book titles or publications. Sometimes, you can even enter a broad term, like the subject you are studying, and see a long list of related publications. 


Study documents 

There are different types of documents you can use for your studies, such as primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary documents are written just at the time of a certain event or period of research, while secondary documents are created after important events. Primary documents include letters, speeches and historical papers, like birth certificates. Such sources of information allow you to take into account the author’s point of view, personal perception or biases. 

Secondary documents are written with reference to primary ones. Typically, their authors provide a sort of interpretation for original texts. Therefore, they contain subjective comments and observations. Indexes, bibliographies, and directories belong to the category of tertiary documents. You can turn to them if you need to find more potentially relevant sources on a particular subject. In other words, checking them can lead you to further materials for your research. 

Online sources


Check free essay examples

Essay samples are another valuable source of information for students. Although they may seem too primitive compared to books, they can be extremely helpful. Why? Well, first of all, free essay samples provided by professional writers from https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/ will give an understanding of proper paper structure. By observing the length of paragraphs, headings, lists and other content elements, you can find out how to organize your paper in the right way. Secondly, you can learn a wide range of new vocabulary that will make your writing more advanced and vivid. Also, many students are struggling with developing their own unique style of writing. Luckily, essay examples can help you with this as well. By reading different papers, you can notice what tone is appropriate for your assignment and effectively use it.

Find PDF books

PDF books allow you to access the information you want whenever you want. There is no need to stick to the open hours of physical libraries because you can always have a PDF book with you on a mobile device. The world wide web offers a phenomenal amount of information. You can find a needed book in online catalogues, forums, blogs, and even social media. It’s extremely convenient to have your own library with you all the time. Also, if you don’t have a stable Internet connection, you can just download a file with study materials and have constant access to it. 

But you should remember that the range of books available in a PDF format is limited. For example, older books that contain historical documents inside may not be available in a digital format. Besides, if you find it easier to work with a hard copy and flip through pages or bookmark sections, this option is definitely not for you. 

Final thoughts

Being able to research various types of materials is an essential aspect of learning. Today, students have access to multiple sources of information that present facts and concepts in different formats. To be a successful student, you should use a combination of all resources mentioned above, such as traditional and digital books, documents and essay samples. Also note, no matter where you get knowledge, you must conform to academic standards set by your institution. Hopefully, this article helped you better understand where to get needed information for your study purposes.

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James Collins is a researcher and academic writer. James specializes in Sociology and offers his own evidence-based interpretations of current social processes. Popular magazines often publish his articles and interviews with scientists from other fields. 

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