When Broken Chords Sing – A novella by Abimbola Dare

When Broken Chords Sing

When broken chords sing – Beautiful singer, Destiny Okoye did not come to university to fall in love with her lecturer.

But Stanley Briggs is hot, irresistible -and he wants her. A whirl wind romance leads to a proposal in the rain. But when a devastating discovery destroys her wedding, Destiny moves halfway across Nigeria with hopes of mending her broken heart. And then,

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charming church worker Christopher Eke comes along and proposes marriage. He seems to tick all the boxes: handsome, charming, funny. A Christian. Being with him makes Destiny forget about everything else-until he dents her jaw with a fist.
Instead of the perfect family life she dreamed of having with her new husband, pregnant Destiny finds herself in trapped in a cycle of violence, pain and shattered promises.
When the church and her family slam the door against her cries for help, Destiny faces a battle to survive in a modern day Nigeria where a tradition of silence shrouds domestic violence. Can she find a way out before her husband deals her a blow that could silence her and her unborn child forever?



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