Studying Law Abroad – Everything You Should Know

A huge number of motivated young people who want to become specialists in the field of law prefer to study at universities abroad. The teaching methodology in the West is focused on practical classes and supplemented by many related aspects, such as the art of public speaking, psychology, learning a foreign language while communicating with native speakers.

Training professionals in the legal field is a special focus in the West. The specifics of mentality make the availability of a large number of excellent professionals in the country a necessity for economic growth and cultural development. This improves the quality of education and offers excellent prospects for students.


Foreign universities have special admission requirements for students from abroad.

To get a law degree, you should first have an excellent knowledge of the language of instruction. If you plan to apply to a higher education institution in the US, Canada, or Great Britain, you will need to take an IELTS or TOEFL test to prove your knowledge.

As a rule, most schools abroad consider a passing score for IELTS to be 6.5, but many law schools have a higher requirement of 7.5. Also, many law schools in developed North American countries have an extra test – the LSAT. It evaluates analytical skills, ability to present arguments and think logically. In general, to study at a law school abroad an applicant will need outstanding intellectual abilities.

The admission difficulties are worth it. Studying abroad develops competent and in-demand specialists. It also represents an extremely exciting process of education, which enriches both professional and personal experience.


Choosing a university as well as the best law essay writing service is a time-consuming process that requires the assessment of many factors. These are the cost of education, accommodation, prospects of employment, legal aspects of a stay in the country, such as visa regime, health insurance, obtaining banking services. All this depends primarily on the country in which the university is located.

If you have decided to master the in-demand skills in the field of international law, learn the distinctive features of the countries and universities training the best specialists in the legal sphere.


The educational institutions of the Emerald Isle offer a very high quality of training at law faculties. It is much cheaper to study law in Ireland than in the USA or Great Britain. Both accommodation and tuition costs are on average 30% lower. Also, there is no need to take extra courses, which are usually required for admission to universities in developed North American countries.

Also, if you have been at an Irish university for more than a year, you can legally work officially 20 hours a week, which eases the financial burden.


Anyone wishing to pursue a law degree abroad is welcome to open the doors of Canada’s top-ranked educational institutions in the world. One such institution is Simon Fraser University, with 17% of its students being foreign nationals. Its programs include adaptation to the peculiarities of the Canadian system and in-depth study of English. This plays a huge role for law students.

The most modern methods of teaching law are offered by Thompson Rivers University. In 2011, it opened a department that modernized the legal education process.

Canada is a country with one of the highest standards of living and average wages per hour worked. It opens a lot of opportunities for graduates of Canadian universities. They have the right to find a job in Canada within a certain period of time, and, if they succeed, to stay there.


University programs in the United States are diverse and flexible. This allows the prospective student to “customize” the educational process if he has a full understanding of the specifics of a particular discipline. Sometimes this is not only convenient but also difficult. This is due to the innovative and experimental methods of teaching in US educational institutions.

U.S. institutions that offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law occupy leading positions in international rankings. And they are always in the spotlight. Degrees from titled universities such as Pace University, the University of California, and the University of New Hampshire are listed all over the world.

The decision to become a student in the United States is a win-win choice. It provides special prospects for further professional advancement and a unique cross-cultural experience. This positively affects a professional’s classroom. 

Studying law abroad is difficult. A student will have to do a lot of writing. If you are struggling with this type of work, seek help from writemyessays USA services.


The system and teaching methods in England are a benchmark for the world. But studying in the UK is often different from studying in other countries. In order for an international student to receive a law degree in the Foggy Albion, it will be necessary to complete a specially designed training program – Foundation or pass internal examinations. After that, the future specialist will have an opportunity to get the best possible training in the field of law.

The English law degree, obtained at such universities as the University of Glasgow, University of Liverpool, City University of London is a carte blanche for employment all over the world.

Studying at the universities of the United Kingdom is an excellent choice for highly motivated future specialists who have a great desire to reach professional heights and who have outstanding and unique abilities under their belt.

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