What to Do With a Written Task When There is no Inspiration (or How to Finally Find It)

Ever wondered how some students in your college manage to feel on their plate in studies without even stressing out? It’s like they were wired to be so easy-going. While some students find themselves battling for academic success, trying to win the favour of professors, spending countless nights in a dorm room reading through all the notes, or desperately looking for a random writing service? Get us right, – these are not necessarily wrong things to do.

The world is a better place than we tend to think, and sometimes the mentioned tricks do work. There are good writing services, brilliant coursebooks, gifted tutors, and helpful classmates. Those who are lucky, make use of these helpers and live in peace. However, some people struggle to find any motivation even with these tried and true tools.

Whatever the reason for the lack of inspiration is, all of us here want to discover it. How easy it would be to always feel on the ball, ready to accomplish any academic feat! Still, life is unpredictable, and we really have to learn how to find pleasure in writing at different times.

We are aware that writing might not be the most favorite thing to do personally for you, and we would never insist on that. There are plenty of interesting things to do, but when it comes to writing, it covers practically all aspects of our life: literature, hobbies, politics, environment, whatever.  That is why in order to be an eye-catching writer (at least, in the academic sphere), you definitely need to have the SOS sources to turn to, like the best custom writing services, that are always ready to give quality authentic content in as many disciplines as you like. Because, if you’re a human being like us, you will not always be on cloud nine and have something to say.

So here we go with the ways to search for inspiration! Check them out.

  1. Be a movie person.

When you feel blue, want to hide from the whole world and burn your university workbooks together with those annoying written tasks, take a minute to unwind. Usually, the lack of inspiration is grounded in the ability to forget what you already know. Okay, but why films? Contemporary essays require contemporary arguments and examples! Being well aware of the movie sphere and seeking pearls there, you will be an interesting author with a fresh perspective on the world.

  1. Dig deeper into literature.

Literature is the phenomenon of culture that remains relevant for ages. Literally. Stories about Romeo and Juliet, Elizabeth Bennet, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, in the end, give lots of food for thought. You just need to be attentive to notice it and use it for your essays. By including examples from literature in your essays, you will create a win-win situation when the book gives both facts and moral lessons for the reader. For the first time, you might even do it with a helper, like FastEssay.com, to take something after the professional writers and use it in the future.

By the way, if you’re already a literature connoisseur, read Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’. Even though it is more about creating novels, the basic pieces of advice apply to any writing genre. Those craving for something more easy-peasy can try out ‘Juicy Writing’ by Brigid Lowry, which is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. 

  1. Break your routine.

What is meant here is that leaving the comfort zone very often gives your inspiration and unpredictable lift. Visit new places, get to know different people (not just the people you like), go to places you have never been to. An hour or two in such unfamiliar conditions can show you so much that you haven’t, probably, experienced for years of remaining comfortable. Escape from the rut at least once a month and you will see how it will transform both your writing abilities and your own heart.

Here also belongs a practice called ‘people watching’ or ‘crowd watching’. Why does it concern essays, you might ask? Well, observing people’s interactions can be very useful, especially when you’re a psychology student or dealing with writing about human behaviour. 

At this point, we call it a day and hope that these untypical tips will help you find the daily inspiration to continue writing either for yourself or for academic purposes.


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