What the Dead Fear By Lea Ryan Pdf

What the Dead Fear By Lea Ryan Pdf

Download What the Dead Fear By Lea Ryan Pdf book free online – from What the Dead Fear By Lea Ryan Pdf book; Juniper Townsend died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the ripe, old age of 22. However, death isn’t the end. In Limbo, she finds a fog-ridden wasteland and strange creatures. She also discovers that during night hours, she can walk among the living. But there are rules. Never influence destiny. Never interfere, because the consequences are dire.

Will she sacrifice eternal freedom to save the innocent?


Juniper Townsend died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the ripe, old age of twenty two. She went to bed one night after a dinner of wine and pizza and never woke up.

The first night, her spirit stood on the pond behind her mother’s house. She was dressed in the University of South Carolina t-shirt and shorts she wore to bed, her black hair secured in a ponytail.

“Hello?” She called into thick fog and cattails around her. There came no reply.

Bitter cold was her only companion in that loneliest of lonely. It pervaded her being until it was the only sensation she felt, apart from the numbing dread that held her in place.

“Is anyone there?”

And she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why or how she stood on the surface of water. Shadows of what might have been fish swam and slithered beneath shimmering ripples.

She thought, This must be a dream.

Afraid to move, Juniper pondered how much colder she could get if submerged in the murky depths below her feet. She tried to will herself awake. When that didn’t work, she chanced a step, and then another.

The spring air was heavy with the smell of leaves and blooming flowers. Toads and crickets sang in tune with the gentle lap of pond water at the bank.

Juniper walked onto grass. She remembered sleeping in the carriage house behind her mother’s house, so she headed in that direction.

No stars dotted the sky. No moon lit the way. The lawn up to the carriage house lay open in darkness. To her left, to her right, no lamps lit the windows, as if the world had shut her out in the gloom.

So much alone, inexplicable sadness filled her. The closer she came to the last place she remembered being, the more she feared what she might find. Something was oh so very wrong.

She came to the door, which opened with the slightest push. She moved quietly through dark rooms to stand over her lifeless body in the bed.

Juniper appeared to be sleeping; that was all. There was no visible trauma, only ashen skin and perhaps some darkness around her eyes.

“Wake up.” She commanded her mortal shell and concentrated as though she might control it from outside. She recalled reading about out of body experiences. Maybe that was the explanation.

She held on to denial for a while, contemplating the various possibilities for the cause of her predicament. Denial is a shade of hope, in a way.

“You’re dead, you know.” A voice like a small child said from the shadows behind her.

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