What Happened in Vegas, Didn’t Stay in Vegas Pdf

What Happened in Vegas, Didn't Stay in Vegas Pdf

Download What Happened in Vegas, Didn’t Stay in Vegas Pdf book free online – from What Happened in Vegas, Didn’t Stay in Vegas Pdf book; Chanel wasn’t looking for a relationship when she met Bradley the hot doctor who’s going to mentor her at The General. She unwittingly confides to him about her BFF Nick who’s her go-to-guy for all her needs. There’s only one rule, they never get intimate. As Bradley’s relationship with Chanel develops, so does his expectations. She has to let go of Nick for good if she wants to keep Bradley forever.



I follow my real estate agent, Aria, into the lobby of the first loft she wants to show. She’s in her mid-thirties like me, and she has really big, curly brown hair with the most beautiful blue eyes hidden behind tacky, black-framed glasses that look like they are stolen from Elvis’s closet. Her lacking sense of style is compensated by her bubbly personality and her savvy bargaining skills. Her reputation, precedes her, and I make a note to myself to thank Nick for hooking me up with her. I am confident she’ll find me a deal, an affordable loft or condo close to the hospital I’ve been hired to work in.
The lobby is all windows; with a slate floor. Aria and I echo as we walk in our heels, clicking and clacking, like hooves of a horse. I pray we hit carpet before anyone catches sight of us. Aria leads me to an elevator at the end of the front lobby and presses eight after we step on. The doors open and thankfully the hallway is carpeted. It’s not your average Berber but designer rugs imported either from Portugal or Italy. Aria and I don’t discuss what is affordable to me but judging by the look of the lobby and the hallway of the eighth floor, this isn’t. What Happened in Vegas, Didn’t Stay in Vegas Pdf

I take a couple of long strides to catch up with her, she’s walking briskly in front of me. “Are you sure I can afford this?” I ask.

“No worries! Just remember, it’s less than two miles from the hospital where you’re going to be doing your Residentship.” She points out. You can save money just by biking to work. I take a deep breath and stop behind her as we reach our destination, number 812.

Aria punches the code into the lockbox securing the grey double doors. The entrance is grandiose, I try containing my enthusiasm aware Aria works off commission. The lock clicks open and the doors swing wide.  The scent of home baked cookies strikes me, great sales tactic. Aria steps aside so I can pass her. What Happened in Vegas, Didn’t Stay in Vegas Pdf

I’m awestruck. The ceiling has punched waffle and crown moulding lining the borders. The rooms are neutral and free from furnishings. The floors boast Siberian tiger wood, which I’ve only ever seen in magazines. The back wall is crafted of glass overlooking Toronto, its exquisite. I smile at Aria. She nods her head, allowing me free rein to roam around. “Take your time and look around. I’ll answer any questions you have once you’ve seen the place.”

Aria stays in the front room giving me space while I looked around. I like that I don’t feel pressure with her. She lacks the aggression other real estate people possess, a definite mark in her favour.

I return to her.

“So, what do you think?” She asks.

“Do you have anything comparable for me to see?”

She lifts her Elvis glasses placing them on top of her head. “I don’t think so. Look at the gorgeous view of the Toronto skyline and consider the proximity to your hospital! I have it on good authority that the gorgeous owner is willing to decrease the cost of rent, if a tenant is found quickly.”

“Gorgeous owner?”


“How gorgeous?”

“Gorgeous, gorgeous.”

“Your gorgeous and my gorgeous might be entirely different.”


“How unlikely?”

“Very unlikely!”

Her eyes glow as we banter with one another. “There is one more thing you should know before you give me your answer.”

“That would be?”

“I will be your neighbour, I live next door. I think you should know before you make your decision. So, do you want to look at the next place I’ve got lined up?”

“It’s not necessary,” I smile.

“This in your high end..,” she warns.

“But it’s two minutes from the hospital, like you said. I’ll take it!”

Aria’s eyes sparkle and she grabs her glasses from on top of her head, “You are saying, ‘yes’ to the loft? You’re taking it?”


We hug each other tight squealing with delight. I can smell her very strong fragrance as her big curls fly into my face tickling my neck. I liked that I’m going to have her as a friend here in my new place, it’s less intimidating.

Aria releases me. “We’ll resolve the details once the lease is complete and I get in touch with Chase.”


“He’s the owner. Are you ready to go back to your car?”

“Please.”  The entire way back to the office we chat idly about the loft and it’s surrounding vicinities. I’m excited, can’t wait to move in.
When we arrive back to Aria’s office, I hop into Snowball and take off to my dingy apartment. Snowball is my white 2014 Mercedes I treated myself to when I became a resident. She’s on lease, costing me a pretty penny but she’s stunning. There is no way I’ll giving her up, even if I’m in debt the rest of my life.

The new loft is a huge step up from the place I’m currently living in. My bachelor pad is close to University of Toronto, and resembles Jerry’s in Seinfeld. The entire place is visible when you first come in the front door with the exclusion of the common bathroom. On the left is a tiny inlet of a kitchen, directly in front is my forty-two inch plasma with an ugly grey sectional sofa that’s at least fifteen years old and came with the apartment, and to the right is my bedroom and cramped three-piece bathroom. The landlord said when I leave I can take the sectional, I didn’t know if he was being nice or if I was doing him a favour removing it for him.

My answering machine flashes red. I play the messages as I undress for my shower. Nick’s voice booms throughout my living room. “Hey, Coco, did Aria find you a place? Call me!” He knows I hate when he calls me Coco. My name is Chanel but he refuses to use it. If he wasn’t so damned metrosexual he never would have come up with the name. Nick is like an annoying brother you can’t get rid of, but I definitely owe him for setting me up with Aria. Note to self, I have to be nicer to him! (Like that’s ever going to happen!) The second message is a female voice I never heard before, she sounds irate. I rewind the tape and listen to it again, “Henry, the baby is your’s, you were full of shit when you said you were snipped, I’ll see you in court!” I can’t help but laugh as I step into the shower and let the warm water engulf me.


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