Wet Magic By E. Nesbit Pdf

Wet Magic By  E. Nesbit Pdf

Download Wet Magic By E. Nesbit Pdf book free online – from Wet Magic By E. Nesbit Pdf book; without seeming to stop to do it, blowing out the four candles as she came and went.

At the door she turned to say, “Good-night, Francis. Your bath’s turned on ready. Be sure you wash well behind your ears. We shan’t have much time in the morning.”

“But Mavis always baths first,” said he. “I’m the eldest.”

“Don’t argue, child, for goodness‘ sake,” said Aunt Enid. “Mavis is having the flat bath in my bedroom to save time. Come–no nonsense,” she paused at the door to say. “Let me see you go. Right about face- quick march!”

And he had to.

“If she must pretend to give orders like drill, she might at least learn to say ‘Bout turn!'” he reflected, struggling with his collar stud in the steaming bathroom. “Never mind. I’ll get up early and see if I can’t see it again.”

And so he did–but early as he was, Aunt Enid and the servants were earlier. The aquarium was empty–clear, clean, shining and quite empty.

Aunt Enid could not understand why Francis ate

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