Werewolves Like Pink Too by D.N. Hoxa Pdf 

Werewolves Like Pink Too by D.N. Hoxa Pdf

Download Werewolves Like Pink Too by D.N. Hoxa Pdf book free. What’s worse than a pink pixie living all alone in the Big City, eight thousand miles away from home? A pink pixie who’s stuck behind a desk all day, taking calls and managing monster-fighting crews without ever seeing the light of day herself. That’s what.

For two years, I worked my ass off to prove myself to my boss, and prayed for a chance to do the work I left my family behind for.

And I’m finally about to catch my break. I’ve got an undercover mission with my name on it, and it’s everything I’ve been dreaming of since I got here. Until I find out that Dominic Dane will be my partner. That self absorbed, narcissistic werewolf who humiliated me in front of all my coworkers on day one, and loves to pretend that I don’t even exist. It’s bad enough that he tried to kick me out of my mission. It’s even worse that he’s sinfully hot and fries braincells with a single look of those gorgeous green eyes.  Now, on top of having to kick ass on my first mission, I have to pretend to be his girlfriend for three days, and keep my ridiculous attraction to him under control, too. So much for catching a break. Lucky for me, I’ve got a secret weapon that’s going to help me handle Dominic Dane, and it’s God’s best gift to mankind: chocolate. Armed with as many bars as my purse can fit, and with my wits about me, I’m going to survive the gorgeous wolf-ass one way or the other—and win.


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