Watch Out for Her by Samantha M. Bailey Pdf

Watch Out for Her by Samantha M. Bailey Pdf

Download Watch Out for Her by Samantha M. Bailey Pdf book free online. Jacob’s mother Sarah Goldman, who is moving across the nation, is relieved. Jacob is six years old. Holly Monroe, the attractive 22-year-old babysitter she and her husband, Daniel, hired to watch their small boy last summer, is one of the many things she wishes to leave behind. Holly discovered the mother figure she had always desired, and Sarah had a childminder her son liked at first. Holly was under Sarah’s constant watch, perhaps a little too closely at times because Sarah isn’t someone who can trust lightly. She had some concerns after what she observed, including what Holly was hiding as well as who she truly was. Sarah gained knowledge as she observed more, but one day she witnessed something so horrific that she was left with no choice but to run. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

With her husband and son, Sarah is making a fresh start in a new city after putting everything behind her. They’ve made their home in a welcoming area with close-knit neighbors who are vigilant about potential threats. But Sarah must question: Has her history caught up to her, and worse yet, who is monitoring her now? when she discovers concealed cameras in her new house.

About the Author

Woman on the Edge, a #1 national bestseller according to USA TODAY, was written by Samantha M. Bailey. Her second book, Watch Out for Her, also quickly rose to the top of the bestseller list. To date, her books have been sold in eleven nations. Samantha is a journalist and independent editor whose work has appeared in, among other places, NOW Magazine, The Village Post, The Thrill Begins, and The Crime Hub. She resides in Toronto and is frequently seen working on her computer or reading a book on her couch.

Download Watch Out for Her by Samantha M. Bailey Pdf


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