Walter Sherwood’s Probation By Horatio Pdf

Walter Sherwood's Probation By Horatio Pdf

Download Walter Sherwood’s Probation By Horatio Pdf book free online – from Walter Sherwood’s Probation By Horatio Pdf book; The good doctor’s face assumed a thoughtful look.

“I can tell better after what I shall hear to-night,” he said to himself.

It was not long before the guests were all assembled and the feast was to begin.

Some one rapped for attention, and then Doctor Mack recognized the voice of his young ward.

“Gentlemen,” he said, “I am glad to welcome you to this festal board. After spending ten or a dozen hours in hard study”–laughter and applause–“we find it pleasant to close our books, to relax our learned brows”–more laughter–“and show our appreciation of the good things of life. As Horace, your favorite, says”–I won’t insult you by offering to translate his well-known words–“dulce est desipere in loco. That is what has brought us here to-night We want to desipere in loco.

“So we do! Good for you!” exclaimed one and another.

“I regret,” Walter continued, “that all the professors have declined my urgent invitation to be present on thi


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