Waiting Game by Ivy Scott Pdf 

Waiting Game by Ivy Scott

Download Waiting Game by Ivy Scott Pdf book free. And so the saint returns… back into the arms of the sinner. Ren: When I joined The Family, I knew it would be ‘til death. It was a decision that I made at seventeen, and it drove away the only woman I had ever cared for.

Valerie was my best friend’s little sister, and she was my little secret. That was until she disappeared, until she went on the run from her family – and from me. After a decade of waiting, she comes back into my life and all I know is that I need to win her back. I needed to prove that I wasn’t as bad as she thought I was. But would she discover that I was actually much, much worse? Valerie: Whether I liked it or not, I was an heiress to the Santino Crime Family. It was a fate that I never chose, and one that I never accepted – so I left. I begged him to come with me, but now he was one of them. A devil wrapped in a tempting disguise. Ren was my first friend, my first kiss, my first love. After ten years, I thought that I would be able to handle seeing him again. Instead, every memory of us came back in a flood – and I was drowning in it. Waiting Game is book two in the Underground Royals series, but can be enjoyed as a complete standalone. This is a dark, spicy, mafia romance – it contains mature content and language and is not suitable for those under the age of 18.


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