Waiting For Mr. Right by Lisa Raftery, Barbara Precourt

Waiting For Mr. RightWaiting for Mr. Right is the first of three books in the Mr. Right Novel Series.

Waiting For Mr. Right – Julia Duncan arrives at Tyler University with high hopes of a good education, but more importantly, meeting that special someone. Like many girls do, she imagines a handsome prince who will sweep her off her feet as they ride into the sunset and live happily ever after. Sounds simple, right?

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Eventually, Julia does find a boyfriend who seems to be Mr. Right, but time reveals that he is just the opposite, and her romantic dream quickly becomes a terrifying nightmare. What started as a little lie grows to the point of crisis, and with each passing moment, she moves further and further away from the life that she so desperately desires. Will she survive her first year of college?

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As Julia’s story begins, you will meet her new friends on campus and see how they deal with issues like unwanted pregnancies, abusive boyfriends, and the power of being a true friend. You will see how one small nugget of truth saves Julia’s life and puts her back on track to experience God’s very best for her


Community Review

The book is aimed for the female readers who have been obsessively thinking about guys, wishing the next one they met would be their future husband. If you don’t fit under this category, the book isn’t really worth your time. Following the main character as she waited, met, and married her Mr. Right was such an awesome time! The only thing is, you can tell the authors have an agenda. The authors are more like mentors throwing out helpful advice within the stories that only exist to keep your interest. It has some awesome insight that I still think about 2+ years after I read it. Great for Preteens through Young Adults

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