Being granted a scholarship to study in any high institution of choice is the dream of many young African women.

At WAAW, you can be offered a scholarship to study in any higher institution of learning.

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Working to advance science and technology education for African Women (WAAW) is a non-profit organization(international) whose aim is to increase and expand the technological engagement of young African Women through STEM training, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

It is a foundation whose values are empowering Young African women to become great leaders through STEM education to the advantage of Africa.

WAAW was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, and its office in Abuja Nigeria, Allen Texas and Kigali Rwanda.


The WAAW Foundation Annual Scholarship is basically to support Young African Women who are studying any science, technology, engineering and mathematics or related course in any college or institute of higher learning. 

The mission of WAAW Foundation is to increase the rate of women venturing into the science and technology field and to ensure they are equipped all around in leadership, technology, and innovative skills.


The award scholarship recipients receive $500


• Students must be below the age of 32

• Only students in the first or the second year are eligible to apply. Students also in their third year can apply but they should be on a five-year course 

• Must be a young African  woman living in Africa

• An undergraduate undergoing a B.S degree program

• The student must be studying any STEM-related course in any college or university in Africa

• There must be a demonstrable financial need

• Track record of volunteering, community and leadership service

There is no exception of other courses other than STEM-related course


WAAW Foundation Scholarship application starts from September 6, 2021, to November 12, 2021.

This means that the application is ongoing.

The application should include:

• A complete filled application form

• Your contact and personal details

• Statement of need should include why the funds are needed and what the funds will be used for once received.

• Educational and family information should be listed

• Well written essay with responses to the essay questions stating career goals and how the WAAW foundation scholarship would be of benefit to your educational needs.

The essay should be ready before your application begins.

√ In 500 words or less, write an essay listing career goals and how WAAW can be of assistance to you

√ In 300 words or less describe what you think about the education of the young African woman and its impact on African advancement.

• Two academic references will be provided in your application. 

Transcripts and letters of recommendation are not necessary during application. But only if the candidate had been shortlisted.

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Courses Accepted:

All STEM-related courses

• Medical courses like pharmacy/biochemistry/biomedical

• All computer science 

• Field of engineering courses

• Science and mathematical field: Environmental science, industrial chemistry

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Courses not Accepted:

• Social science courses

• Art courses 

• Medical courses like Nursing, Surgery


The WAAW Foundation Scholarship is an annual award for young African women mainly to equip these women through STEM (Science, Technology, and Mathematics) disciplines for the growth of Africa.


WAAW Foundation Scholarship

About us- WAAW Foundation

Our History: WAAW Foundation

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