VL-45 By Max M. Power PDF

Download VL-45 By Max M. Power PDF book free online – From VL-45 By Max M. Power PDF: Houston, Texas, becomes the destination of a gang, but when innocent children are murdered Detective Wyatt Earp vows to bring the killers to justice. When a vigilante targets and kills the same gang members who are murdering the kids, the FBI is appointed to take over the case. Wyatt does not want to impede the vigilante because he is managing to do what the police can’t. Will justice prevail? Will the vigilante be caught?


Chapter 1

Looking into someone’s eyes is like looking into their soul. But this body no longer had a soul.

This child’s life ended before it began.

Wyatt couldn’t believe his ears when he got the call. An eighteen month old baby had been shot in a drive by.


The father was the intended target but the baby was hit instead. Two bullets hit her in the chest.

The father was a small time drug dealer who sold home grown pot by the ounce. He was returning from a drug deal that had gone bad. The really bad thing was he took his daughter with him to the deal.

Nothing had been moved since the first patrol car showed up on the scene. The baby was still strapped in her car seat. Her eyes open wide.

Wyatt stood there looking down at the baby. What kind of monster would do such a thing? A single tear fell down his face.

“I swear Wyatt something’s got to be done about these guys,” came a voice from behind Wyatt. “Same M.O. Doc,” Wyatt asked as he squeezed the tears away.

“Yea,” Doc answered. “VL-45.” “How many does she make Doc?”

“Five in seven days,” Doc answered, taking a closer look at Wyatt. “You okay Wyatt?”

Wyatt didn’t answer his partner. Richard “Doc” Holiday has been Wyatt’s partner for six months.

They were paired up as a joke but they became great friends. Richard got the nickname “Doc” after being partnered up with Wyatt. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, two legendary names, fighting crime together in the modern age.

They just ignored the jokes and did their jobs. “Wyatt?”

“No Doc,” Wyatt snapped before taking a deep breath, regaining control of his anger. “I’m not okay. This makes me sick to my stomach.” Wyatt turned away from the baby. He saw the father sitting in the back of a squad car. “Get his ass to the station. I want to question him now.”

Wyatt walked away from Doc. He got into his car quickly as he tried to catch his breath. Wyatt took long deep breaths, suppressing the dinner that wanted to escape his body in a violent rush of vomit. Doc was right about one thing, something needed to be done to stop the VL-45.

Chapter 2

“Hello a**hole,” Wyatt said as he walked into the interrogation room, slamming the door shut behind him.

“I want my lawyer.”

“Way wrong answer,” Wyatt responded as he dropped a very thick phone book on the table in front of the man. “Right now you need to shut up and listen.” Wyatt stood behind the man, his lips nearly touching the man’s ear. “You better do as you’re told Gary. You’re in so much trouble that Jesus himself couldn’t save you.”

Wyatt walked around the table and sat across from Gary. Doc was standing in the corner behind Gary.

“Who were you selling to tonight?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Wyatt stood up, picked up the phone book, and walked back around the table, standing in front of Gary.

“I’m only going to ask nicely one more time. Who were you selling to tonight?” “Like I said, I don’t…”

Wyatt swung the phone book like a baseball bat, hitting Gary hard across his jaw. Garry would have fallen out of the chair if he wasn’t handcuffed to it. Wyatt spread out the 8×10 photos that had been lying on the table.

“Look Gary.” Wyatt grabbed Gary’s hair, turning his head toward the pictures. “This is your little girl Gary. You killed her Gary, you killed her.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yea you did Gary. You were dealing drugs. They came for you Gary. You killed your own daughter.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“Gary we know the VL-45 was involved. Just tell us what we need to know.” “I don’t know anything.”

Wyatt spread the pictures out.

“This is Ronald Davis, he was five. This is Tina Ross, she was eight. Dorothy Ryan, she was four.

Juan Ramirez, he was two.”

“They are all dead because of the VL-45. We can’t ask any of these kids parents because they’re dead too. Unless you want to join them I suggest you tell me everything you know about the VL-45.”

“Who are they,” Wyatt shouted. “Where are they from?” “I don’t…”

Wyatt slammed Gary’s head into the desk. He pulled Gary’s head back and slammed it down again. “This isn’tGood Cop, Bad Cop’ Gary. No one is going to stop this. You killed your daughter Gary.

As far as I’m concerned you’re scum.” Wyatt lifted Gary’s head back one more time before throwing it back into the desk. “Now talk Gary.”

“Alright, alright!” Gary paused to catch his breath. “They’re a gang out of L.A. They relocated here two months ago.”

“They drive low riders cars. They have VL-45 tattooed on their left hand. They all carry forty-five automatics. Always a forty-five.”

“That’s it man. That’s all I know.”

“Okay,” Wyatt said. “Now we’re getting somewhere. So what happened tonight? How did the deal go bad?”

“Look man, I wasn’t dealing to them. No one was dealing to them.”

“Then why did we find one of their members dead. His prints were on that bag of dope we found in your car. The slug that killed him came from your gun.”

Gary took a deep breath. He let it out slowly.

“Talk to us Gary. It’s the only chance you got,” Doc said as he walked over and sat down next to Gary. “Come on, what happened?”

“I shot him, yea, but it was self defense, I swear.” “Just tell us what happened.”

“Last week this gang shows up and tells me I’m no longer dealing in their territory. I told ’em to f**k off.”

“I get a call from one of my regulars. I go out to meet him. This Vato Loco shows up and snatches my bag of weed from me.”

“He pulls his gun, telling me to leave. I pull my gun. Another car drives by. When the Vato looked away I shot him and grabbed my weed. I took off.”

“That’s everything, I swear.”

“Okay Gary,” Wyatt reached behind the chair and uncuffed him. “Clean yourself with your shirt.

An officer will be in to take you to central booking.” “You can’t put me into general population!” “Why not?”

“They’ll kill me man. They got guys on the inside. You can’t put me in there.” “You killed your daughter Gary. You deserve to die.”

Wyatt stood up and walked out of the room. Doc followed him out. They left the pictures of the children on the table. Gary stared at his daughter and cried.


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