Vicious Prince by Rina Kent Pdf

Vicious Prince by Rina Kent Pdf

Download Vicious Prince by Rina Kent Pdf book free online. Vicious Prince is a book in the Royal Elite series, however it stands alone and is worth listening to. You might wish to listen to the earlier volumes first to get a better idea of the setting. It contains scenarios that some listeners may find offensive or triggering and is a mature new-adult work. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

About the Author

Everything Enemies to Lovers author Rina Kent has books on the international bestseller list. Suspense is her best buddy, darkness is her playground, and twists are brain fuel. Don’t dash her expectations just yet, though—she loves to assume that she has a romantic streak somewhere deep inside.

She was always the weirdo who fell in love with the guys no one supports, thus her heroes are anti-heroes and villains.  Her books include a dash of mystery, a heaping helping of anguish, a dash of violence, and a whole lot of strong romance. In a quiet hamlet in North Africa, Rina spends her free time fantasizing about potential narrative twists or giggling evilly when those ideas come to fruition.

Download Vicious Prince by Rina Kent Pdf


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