Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Fitting Units PDF

Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Fitting Units PDF

Download Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Fitting Units PDF book free – From Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Fitting Units PDF: The latest edition of this highly successful text provides an excellent introduction to the Fast-Fit Sector. Buy from Amazon

Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Fitting Units PDF

This text comprehensively covers the requirements of the NVQ/SVQ Vehicle Fitting Level 1 as well as appropriate areas of Level 2. Emphasising good and safe working practice, the authors use sketches, manufacturer’s diagrams and attractive photographs to aid understanding. Particular emphasis is given to tyres and batteries – vital areas in fast-fit work – but brakes, shock absorbers and clutch changing are also covered in detail. The authors also present the essential topics of safety, working with others, communication and handling and merchandising stock in a lively and accessible manner which will gain and hold the attention of all students, making this an indispensable course companion.


Preface: Welcome to the retail motor trade 4
Coverage of standards, by unit 5
1 Safety and good housekeeping 6
2 Working relationships 26
3 Communication 34
4 Handling and merchandising stock 44
5 Tyres 54
6 Electrical 88
7 Brakes, suspension, steering 98
8 Exhaust, cooling, clutch, lubrication 118
Answers 138
Index 143

Preface – Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Fitting Units PDF

Who knows, you – yes you, the person who is reading this book – could well be a future racing or rally car technician, or even a budding driver. They all had to start somewhere – draining oil, changing tyres, removing exhausts, or even sweeping up the workshop! Vehicle Maintenance is your introduction to the varied and exciting world of automobiles. It aims to steer you on the pathway to success.

This book guides you through many of the practical jobs you will have to do, but vitally helps you to look after your own health and safety. Where necessary, it also gives the basic theory – so you can understand the reasons why. Enjoy yourself with Vehicle Maintenance – it is not just for reading. In its pages you will find activities and questions that are stimulating and rewarding.

They will help you to observe and remember important points. Make the book a valuable source of reference by filling in the answers to the questions. The important qualifications of NVQ/SVQ Vehicle Fitting, Levels 1 & 2, and the needs of other similar courses, are fully covered. This book will help to provide evidence for your portfolio. If you want to go on to gain further qualifications, the more advanced books in this series are waiting to help you. Good luck!

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