Up for Air by Christina Berry Pdf 

Download Up for Air by Christina Berry Pdf book free. At a funeral on her 29th birthday, Ari takes stock of her life and comes to a startling conclusion: she’s not happy. Mired in a relationship that’s gone stale, she approaches her husband Greg about opening their marriage. To her shock, he agrees.

Ari throws herself headlong into an adventure through the bars and bedrooms of Austin. For the first time in her life she’s living in the moment – sex and kink, karaoke and drink – new friends, new lovers, new boundaries to cross. It’s all just innocent, no-strings fun…until she meets Alex. Alex changes everything. While Ari and Greg grapple with their changing relationship, Ari struggles to control her heart. During hedonistic self-discovery, has she stumbled across love? Book one of the Lost In Austin series, Up for Air was a 2021 Good Sex Awards Winner for “Sexiest Consent,” won the Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for Romance – Sizzle, and won the 2021 Independent Press Award for Romance.