Unlucky A Fragment of a Girl’s Life By Caroline Pdf

Unlucky A Fragment of a Girl's Life By Caroline Pdf

Download Unlucky A Fragment of a Girl’s Life By Caroline Pdf book free online – from Unlucky A Fragment of a Girl’s Life By Caroline Pdf book;It must be allowed that Mrs. Desmond, with the best dispositions in the world towards children in general and her most perplexing little stepdaughter Helen in particular, was not very happy in her method of dealing with young people.

Brought up herself by two maiden aunts on the old-fashioned repressive system, from which she had never consciously suffered, the children of to-day, with their eager, uncontrolled impulses, their passionate likes and dislikes, often fostered by their elders, and their too early developed individualities, were simply a painful enigma to her.

while I am speaking. Have you learned your lessons for to-morrow?”


“Then ask Martha to put a lamp in the school-room, and set to work at once. We shall not expect to see you this evening.”

“I won’t set to work at once–I won’t, I won’t, I won’t,” muttered Helen under her breath. Her passion was rising; but for her father’s sake, her father who had been so good to her, and who she dimly understood was responsible for her lapse from duty that afternoon, she strove to control herself. Knowing that her only chance was in escape, she made a dash at the door; but in so doing the top of her violin came into contact with a small china-laden table, and a valuable Dresden figure fell to the ground with a crash.

Mrs. Desmond, fairly roused from her wonted calm, rushed forward, uttering a low cry. Her china was very dear to her. She suffered no one but herself to touch it, and it was her boast that each piece

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