Under Drake’s Flag Main By G. A. Henty Pdf

Under Drake's Flag Main By  G. A. Henty Pdf

Download Under Drake’s Flag Main By G. A. Henty Pdf book free online – from Under Drake’s Flag Main By G. A. Henty Pdf book; “A book of adventure, where the hero meets with experience enough one would think to turn his hair gray.”–Harper’s Monthly Magazine.

“you have asked the only thing, perhaps, which I should feel obliged to refuse you. Already we have more than our number, and to avoid the importunity of the many who wish to go, or of my powerful friends who desired to place sons or relations in my charge, I have been obliged to swear that I would take no other sailor, in addition to those already shipped.

“You are, however, young,” he said, as he marked the change in the boy’s face; “and I promise you that if I come back, and again sail on an expedition like that on which I now start, that you shall be one of my crew. What is your name, lad? I hear them call you Otter, and truly the beast is no better swimmer than you are.”

“My name, sir, is Ned Hearne. My father is the schoolmaster here.”

“Will he consent, think you, to your taking to a seafaring life?”

“Methinks he will, sir. He knows that my heart is set upon it, for he hath often said if I loved my lessons with one-tenth of the love I bear for the sea,

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