Ugly Duckling: No One Wants Me Pdf

Ugly Duckling: No One Wants Me Pdf

Download Ugly Duckling: No One Wants Me Pdf book free online – from Ugly Duckling: No One Wants Me Pdf book; Before I write the blurb can I please tell you guys that I have never called another person ugly because I know what that 4 letter word does to a person’s self esteem.

Her two big sisters got married before they reached 21. Mbali is 24 and not married, not engaged never dated. But according to her family and society she’s just too ugly. So her parents sell her to the highest bidder, but what happens when her husband who has never met her doesn’t want her because she’s just too ugly?


December 16th how I hate this day. You see on this day 7 years ago one of my two big sisters Nobuhle got married. So each year both families come together and celebrate. Last year they came to my parent’s house so today we are going to their place. I don’t even know what to wear, I’m not a fashion follower or anything like that, I just take out whatever and wear. I’m waiting for alarm to ring at 6 and its 5:59am. Even if I wake up before the alarm goes off I stay in bed until it does. Yesterday I came back very late because we can’t go to Nobuhle’s in-law empty handed. So my mom decided that we need to try these new salad recipe Nonjabulo’s mother-in-law told her about. Nonjabulo is my other big sister she’s the second born and I’m the last born. She got married 5 years ago. Just two months back her in-laws came over to celebrate their anniversaries.

I long for the warmth of days gone by when you were mine Urg there goes my alarm tone I snooze the alarm I need 5 more minutes.  I just love this song even though I don’t even know what they are singing about. Yup I am 24 actually I just turned 24 yesterday I didn’t even get a simple birthday text from my family but I’m used to that. For me to get special treatment from them I need to get married. Nobuhle got married when she turned 21 and Nonjabulo when she turned 20. At the age of 20 I was doing my final year in BA Journalism at the University of Johannesburg. At the age of 21 I was doing my BA Honours in Communication Studies which was second major.

My big sisters always get the special treatment from the family. Even when I graduated no one bothered to come both times, my parents still believe that a girl’s place is in the kitchen not going to Tertiary and studying, my sisters never went to Tertiary. I’m not close to them or anyone. I’m loner I enjoy reading magazines and listening to music.

I long for the warmth of days gone by.

I hit the dismiss button and walk into my en-suite bathroom. I prefer taking a bath. I fill the bath tub then I take off my pj’s and sink into the bath tub I know I forgot something but I can’t put my finger on it. I take a long and relaxing bath. As soon as I get out I remember that I didn’t pour the foam bath it means I’ll take a little longer to clean the bath. I walk into my walk in closet and I pull my favourite suit. Navy blue pants and blazer and a white t-shirt. I think suits look better with t-shirts than shirts after all I am not going to an interview, it’s a family gathering that everyone enjoys well except me. When I open the shoe side there’s an incoming text. I know it’s from my parents or sisters I don’t have friends and I don’t work on weekends. I walk to the bedside table. I take my phone and Mom appears on the notifications showing that the text is from her. I tap on the name to see the text.

Don’t be too formal. This is a family gathering not an interview or a place to show that you are educated.

Hehehe that’s my mom for you. I’m used to such texts. So I decide to go back to the closet and take out one of my yellow maxi dress I think it looks great for the occasion. For some reason I thought of wearing the suit just to piss off my mom but that doesn’t actually end well. We let’s just say it ends with one of us crying and that is me obvious. I wear the dress and my white sandals. I have great feet and I like showing them off. I make my bed walk to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, I’m a coffee addict my family has been telling me that I’ll die from a heart disease due to the amount of coffee I consume. I make a fish paste sandwich my favourite I eat 6 slices of bread and apparently it’s unlady like. Who cares? As soon as I’m done making breakfast I eat wash the dishes. I’m a bit of a clean freak. I walk back to the bathroom to brush my teeth we all know how tin fish smells so I can’t have that smell in my mouth so early in the morning.


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