With the help of the Internet, one can easily search for opportunities globally. Do you know you can bag scholarships from other countries as a Ghanaian student? Do you know that there are UK scholarships for Ghanaian students? Now you know. Let me drop the contents of what you will learn from this article.

So let’s dive into this article to learn more.


It’s great to get a degree as it is beneficial to one’s career but with a lot of financial barriers, one might not be able to fully a long time dream of getting a degree in a desired field of study. This is why we have scholarships today. A scholarship is a grant or financial award given to a student to further their education based on academic or achievements. Most institutions offer scholarships to students but you have to meet the requirements to successfully enjoy it. Also if the financial aid is enough to cover the college cost, the excess fund will be refunded to the student.

There are lots of international opportunities for one to enjoy in Ghana. There are also UK scholarships for Ghanaian students.


There are lots of opportunities for Ghanaians to study in UK institutions. What other way to kick off your career as a Ghanaian student than to apply for international scholarships. You have the opportunity to apply, study in any field of choice, connect with new friends etc. 

There are things to know to land UK scholarships for Ghanaian students.

First, you need to apply for these scholarships. If you don’t apply, you can’t be awarded any scholarship. And you need to be aware that these scholarships are fully funded. However, you have the opportunity to meet your academic goals without stress.

UK scholarships for Ghanaian students give Ghanaians the opportunity to study and live in the UK during their time of the study. They get acquainted with the environment, build their network, experience a different culture, develop professionally as well as academically.

Also for the UK scholarship for Ghanaians, you need to follow few steps in order to be part of it. 

Follow the steps below first

• You have the desired scholarship program, search for it online

• Are you eligible? Check out if you’re eligible

• Apply for it if you are eligible

• Provide the required documents and submit

• Check out for the selection update

• If you are awarded, follow up with an email and do all that is required of you.

Now, let’s look at the UK scholarships for Ghanaian students

Bristol University Think Big Scholarship 

This program is to help learners willing to use the acquired knowledge to improve Ghana. It covers the tuition fee and a 1-year residence. Applicants must have an offer to study masters at UCL Institute London. 

Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarship

Offered by the University of Nottingham, this program is one of the UK scholarships for Ghanaian students. It covers tuition fees, expenses, travel payments, housing etc. It’s for students who want to pursue a masters degree in learning in order to also develop Ghana.

IOE Centenary Masters Scholarship

This program offers full-time courses for undergraduates asides from those offered at the university in the fields of medicine or postgraduate. 

Half Fee Masters Scholarship 

This was given by the University of Westminster for students who want to acquire a masters degree. It’s actually a partially funded scholarship that covers half the tuition fee.

Chevening UK Government Scholarship 

This scholarship is aimed at developing global leaders. Recipients are selected by the British embassies throughout the world. It allows applicants to study for a one-year post graduate masters degree.

African Initiative For Government (AIG) Scholarship for Ghanaians and Nigerians

This scholarship is to give outstanding Ghanaians and Nigerians the opportunity to undertake a post-graduate course at the University of Oxford. 

Denys Holland Scholarship

This UK scholarship was offered by the University College London to support undergraduates who are unable to secure fundings and who are ready to make full use of the activities offered by UCL.

The Standard Bank Derek Cooper African Scholarship

This is also one of the UK Scholarship for Ghanaian students but not for Ghanaians but students who are resident in one of Standard bank African presence countries. That is students residing in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, South Sudan, Mozambique.

Reach Oxford Scholarships

This UK Scholarship is offered by the University of  Oxford to developing countries. It offers a Bachelors degree in any course for Undergraduates.

Rhodes Scholarship

This UK scholarship is also given by the University of Oxford. It’s for students from West African countries who can’t further their academic studies. Applications are ongoing.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Another UK Scholarship for Ghanaian students offered by the University of Cambridge to outstanding students willing to pursue a post-graduate degree  

Dorothy Nicol Scholarship

This UK scholarship is offered by the University of Stirling to students from the Sub Saharan region in Africa with Ghana inclusive for a postgraduate study.


1. How can I apply for a scholarship from Ghana to the UK?

  • Look for the scholarship program that you want to apply for.
  • Make sure you’re eligible.
  • Fill out an application for the scholarship.
  • The appropriate documentation must be provided and submitted.
  • Keep an eye out for an update on the selecting process and a schedule.
  • When you’ve been chosen or awarded, send an email and take action.

2. Which university gives free scholarships in the UK?

Scholarships for International Students at the University of Westminster – UK scholarships for master’s students at the University of Westminster. Academic merit and financial necessity are taken into account while awarding scholarships. International undergraduate students can also apply for scholarships.


Most of the scholarships are for students from developing countries who are outstanding but can’t further their academics. The UK scholarships for Ghanaian students gives them the opportunity to develop themselves academically in order to improve their own country.

Did you get value from this article? Which other UK scholarships are you aware of?



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