Types of Children’s Literature Pdf

Types of Children's Literature Pdf

Download Types of Children’s Literature Pdf book free online – from Types of Children’s Literature Pdf book; Types of Children’s Literature is intended to provide students of the subject with a single-volume anthology of prose and poetry illustrative of the different types, styles, interests, periods, authors, etc., of writings for children.

There are, of course, many collections of specimens of children’s literature; but they are all made as reading books for children and, consequently, are unsatisfactory, in some important respect or other, as source books. Moreover, these collections are published in several volumes and contain much that is mediocre and trivial. As far as the editor has been able to discover, there is but a single one-volume collection, and that collection, having been compiled solely for juvenile readers, is impracticable as a text for college and normal school classes. In teaching classes in children’s literature the present editor has had to use, as the only possible text, such sets of literary readers as the Heart of Oak series or such miniature libraries as the ten-volume The Children’s Hour or the eight- volume Children’s Classics. This procedure has been both expensive and inconvenient for teacher and students, besides not supplying some of the material desirable in any symmetrical outline of study.

THE ACCUMULATIVE TALE The Old Woman and Her Pig, Jacobs

THE ANIMAL STORY The Three Little Pigs, Jacobs

THE NOODLE STORY Hans in Luck, Grimm

THE HUMBLE HERO STORY The Valiant Little Tailor, Grimm Cinderella, Perrault Whittington and His Cat, Old Chapbook

THE SYMBOLISTIC STORY The Ugly Duckling, Andersen The Flax, Andersen

THE STORY OF HORROR Blue Beard, Perrault

THE GIANT STORY Jack and the Beanstalk, Jacobs

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