Twin Flames Part Two By Joleen Books Pdf

Twin Flames Part Two By Joleen Books Pdf

Download Twin Flames Part Two By Joleen Books Pdf book free online – from Twin Flames Part Two By Joleen Books Pdf book; Timothy and Melinda continue on their twin flame journey and divine mission together. They battle demons while trying to keep evil out of the sacred ancient library and come across a crossroads where they have to make an important decision regarding good and evil, a decision that can effect the future balance between good and evil. Lots more insights to the twin flame journey is also revealed and romance might be in the air, romance of the fantasy kind.


The last time that Timothy and I returned from the ancient library, he gave me a kiss on the cheek after bringing me back home, and after that, he disappeared, and I haven’t seen him for months, so I pretty much had to continue on with my journey with the connection I felt with Timothy on my own.

It was one of the most painful things I had ever done, he has haunted me ever since we connected, he has haunted my dreams, my mind, my heart, my soul, and every part of me became an eruption of anxiety as I constantly felt haunted by him all the time. And I didn’t find peace within myself until I finally stopped running from the connection within myself, and until I finally accepted my twin flame as myself totally on a spiritual level, this allowed me to finally accept whatever the connection was doing within me as now being a part of me, and allowing myself to be me despite the connection. After I finally reached this level of harmony within myself again, I was able to allow myself more than ever to learn how to fully express the most purest form of myself and I felt a great sense of freedom. It was never about running or chasing, or having to become a better person, it was always about learning not to run from the new part of myself that is now living within me, and this new part of myself is my connection to Timothy.

I later also learned that the whole spiritual journey with my twin flame had so much more to do with spiritual ascension and finally allowing us to transcend this physical world. Twin Flames Part Two By Joleen Books Pdf

We are both here to be of service to the world in our own way, as are all people, and while we are having a physical human experience, we aid each other spiritually in a way that no other person ever can do for us.

But the real lesson was transcending all forms of old mental templates that the world had gotten us into, and learning how to truly love unconditionally, which truly means love without any conditions, allowing us both to make our own way in life and not holding each other back, or putting any conditions on our love, but letting each part of us have the experience here on earth that we are meant to have.

I also learned that the deepest darkest secret on the twin flame journey is that what I felt or experienced within myself, those feelings, the sacred longing and such, those were not always my feelings actually, they were the longing feelings of Timothy. When twin flames become awakened within each other it is basically like this, the man version of the woman is now living within her, and the woman version of the man is now living within him, on a soul level, and thus it is easy to mistake the feelings of the man, or woman, now having been reborn within you, as your own feelings and, or, longing. Once I figured this out and I went above my own ego and I focused only on fulfilling Timothy from within me as I felt his sacred longing within me, once I did that, everything became clear to me. I began to recognise him within myself and take his spiritual feelings as a high priority in my life, whenever I felt him longing, I allowed him to come home within me and I focused on using all my new spiritual instincts on fulfilling him from within myself, on a spiritual level. It was not always about me anymore, it was also about him. And just like that, I felt like I took a huge step further on our spiritual journey together and I felt such a great peace within myself. I think this is one, if not, the highest lesson of the twin flame journey, is to finally go into such unconditional love for another person that you take yourself out of the way completely for a bit and you love your twin flame, literally as yourself, putting your twin flame first and only focusing in a given moment on fulfilling your twin flame, but not yourself. It is the golden rule. A lot like when searching for a tantric partner, the goal is to first become so highly developed spiritually that you can give all of yourself to another person and take yourself completely out of the way in the moment, the focus is never on fulfilling only yourself, but on fulfilling your partner. Thus you begin fulfilling your tantric partner, from within yourself, even when you are not together yet, this allows you to move to a much higher state of unconditional love and total self sacrifice. Most people on the twin flame journey, whom I looked to for help, taught me to do this and that in order to attract him to me for my own selfish purposes, but no one told me that the true way out of the pain was to simply shift my focus also to him and away from myself all the time. Shifting my focus totally to him in a given moment, to making him happy, and giving him what I felt him needing from me on both a spiritual and a physical level, this made me in return feel a sense of peace and completion in my own soul, and a sense of fulfilment on my journey with Timothy. He needed space out in the real world and I granted him that totally, he needed me to love him and fulfil him as he was within me, and I gave him that, and in return, I felt this indescribable feeling of peace within myself. He stopped haunting me so much. Especially when I shifted my mentality, I learned that I needed a completely new mental template for handling my connection with Timothy. I needed to, firstly, stop trying to demystify the mystery of our connection, I needed to stop trying to understand it from a mental perspective, as the twin flame journey can only ever be understood from a spiritual perspective of feeling and sensing, spiritually, it is literally like a sixth sense that now runs through your body, and once you learn better to use it, you will stop looking for ways to make your physical reality match up to your newly found spiritual reality, things will balance themselves out. I was able to finally let him go and I no longer cared at all if we reunited physically or not, I was making my own way, following the call of my own soul, or at least, my part of our soul… And I also learned the wonderful benefits of keeping my mind and energy clean, it does wonders for the twin flame connection… I was once again, a free spirit in the world, a soul having a physical experience. And I had gotten used to my soul having a twin and to how it feels, this is perhaps one of the hardest parts of this journey also, because your mind plays a lot of tricks on you when you no longer feel alone in your own body…, until you get used to having a soul twin, and you make peace with it, you will keep on feeling discomforted by it, the thing that perhaps makes this type of twin experience even harder than any other is that it is actually one soul in two bodies…, making it like a twin experience, but also something much more mysterious than that… On a spiritual level, I began feeling like both Timothy and I were like children again, experiencing a whole new reality and way of living, and for a moment the primary goal of my soul had become to fulfil Timothy as his soul partner in life, my soul wanted for nothing more than that and it came from a place of unconditional love. Whatever I sensed him needing, from a spiritual perspective, I gave him, without questioning, out of a place of unconditional love. I noticed that the physical reality had become much like a playground, a place for me to find my own way through my physical experience, a place for both of us to allow each of us to freely experience this physical reality in any way which we felt we wanted to, or needed to. Life no longer felt like this hardship, but rather like a place of unconditional choice, a place where I could freely choose what to become and who to be, a place that was easier than ever to handle from a physical perspective. Twin Flames Part Two By Joleen Books Pdf

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