Twin Flames By Joleen Books Pdf

Twin Flames By Joleen Books Pdf

Download Twin Flames By Joleen Books Pdf book free online – from Twin Flames By Joleen Books Pdf book; Twin Flames Timothy and Melinda find each other and start their mysterious twin flame journey together. They also set out on their divine mission together of finding and protecting a sacred ancient library.


It was one bright and sunny summer’s day. A beautiful day, but my heart was aching, I was searching for something I did not quite understand, but my soul was searching recklessly for it. I was silently suffering within.

Then I decided to take a peek through my bedroom window and that is when I saw myself in the face of another person; a man.

One look into his eyes stripped my soul naked and revealed my most hidden inner secrets, and I became mesmerised by the feeling he gave me, it was a feeling I couldn’t explain.

He was passing by my house with a group of other men and I couldn’t help myself but follow after him. I quickly ran outside and began to follow them, but everyone else disappeared, and only he was the one my mind focused on.

They stopped at a nearby bar, it was Saturday, and all the men in our little neighbourhood loved to spend their Saturdays at the bar, playing pool, drinking, and watching sports.

They went and stood around one of the pool tables and I noticed that there were no other ladies inside the bar, so I quickly began to make my way out of the bar as I felt outnumbered by all the men.

But on my way out, his eyes locked with mine one more time. And for a moment there it was as if time stopped. I kept walking, I walked all the way back home, but just as I wanted to open the front door of my house, I felt a breath on my neck and I turned around only to find that he had followed me back home. Usually a woman all by herself would get frightened by the very idea of this, but I felt a sense of safety with him that I couldn’t explain. For a moment there we embraced each other and it was as if we could keep holding on forever, but we had to let go, as I had gotten a phone call, it was my sister, Daphne, and she needed my help with something.

He brushed his fingers against my cheeks and then he left after I apologized because I had to go. I stood frozen for a second there, I could still feel his fingers brushing against my cheek.