Toxin by Robin Cook Pdf

Toxin by Robin Cook Pdf

Download Toxin by Robin Cook Pdf book free online. Dr. Kim Regis, a recently divorced surgeon, is committed to being a good parent to his only son, Selden. Kim treats Seldon to a night out at his preferred fast food joint where they feast on burgers and fries. However, the fun soon turns tragic as the young child is poisoned by E. coli bacteria contained in the meat, which causes him to go unwell and eventually die. Was Seldon’s demise due to improper food handling procedures? A competitor fast-footing behemoth or a disgruntled employee, perhaps, or a sophisticated case of product tampering? Or possibly by someone who has a grudge towards Kim? Kim takes time off from practicing surgery and focuses only on solving the case.

But he runs into a wall right away: a code of silence that is more impenetrable than anything he has ever come across in his time as a doctor. Kim soon encounters a boot and a fist from goons who are trying to stop him from asking questions, as opposed to just getting the cold shoulder. Kim follows a trail of fatal evidence with the help of his ex-wife, revealing collusion and guilt that extends from the butcher floor to the corporate boardroom. The two are in a race against time to discover the horrifying and elusive truth before more people are poisoned. And they find the causes of their first love while searching for solutions in a life-or-death situation. With his signature heart-pounding style, Robin Cook creates a cutting-edge thriller that draws on current anxieties and emerging medical technologies.

About the Author

The doctor and author Robin Cook is widely recognized for having introduced the term “medical” to the thriller genre, and decades after the release of his ground-breaking book Coma in 1977, he has continued to rule the subgenre he founded. In order to create 39 international bestsellers, including Outbreak, Terminal, Contagion, Chromosome 6, Foreign Body, Intervention, and Cure, Cook effectively fused medical fact with fiction. Night Shift, Viral, Genesis, Pandemic, and Charlatans are some of his newest works.

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