Top 15 Skills That Can Pay You $100 Per Hour

Skills That Can Pay You $100 Per Hour

A lot of people have been made millionaires just with their skills.

There are people who care less about 9-5 but they are doing well financially because of the skills they have acquired and used to their advantage. 

Do you know there are skills that can pay you $100 even from the comfort of your home?

In this article, we will be discussing what skills are, examples and types and the top skills that can pay you in dollars comfortably.

What are Skills?

For you to complete a task, you need to have the ability and knowledge to get it done.

These skills can be well developed to help you gain mastery in a specific area. The mastery of these skills can help you build your career or other areas of your life.

Skill is a term that encompasses abilities and competencies to perform tasks. Hence, it’s a learned ability to perform or execute tasks with determined results. 

Skills could be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. In sectioning work skills, the general skills include teamwork, leadership and self-motivation, time management, etc.

While domain-specific skills are used for a specific type of work.

People need a wide range of skills in order to be able to contribute their own quota to the economy.

There are numerous skills that can help you in any area of your life whether it’s work, school, sports or even hobbies.

Examples of Skills

There are different skill categories and below is an example of the types of skills;

• Job skills

• Leadership skills

• Organizational skills

• Life skills

Types of Skills

There are two types of skills that include:

• Hard Skills

• Soft Skills

Hard Skills:

These are technical training or knowledge one has as a result of the experience one must have gained.

For example, if you read accounting, you may know how to use Microsoft Excel, if you worked in a retail store, you could know how to operate the point of sale system, if you studied a foreign language, it would be quite reasonable that you speak such fluently.

However, there are some jobs that would require you to gain technical skills relevant to that industry.

Some organizations would have a test requiring prior knowledge of the skill they need for career success, others may be willing to offer to teach certain skills on the job.

Some of the skills in demand include;

Data Mining

• SEO/SEM marketing

• Adobe Software Suit

• Network Security

• Mobile Development

• Programming Languages(Python, Java,

• User Interface Design

• Marketing campaign management

Soft Skills:

They are traits or habits that shape how you are able to work on your own and with others. One soft skill many employers seek is communication skills. Others include teamwork and active listening.

While hard skills are important to perform technical skills, soft skills are needed for an enabling work environment.

Some of the skills include:

• Active listening


• Communication

• Dependability

• Problem Solving

• Creativity

• Empathy

• Willingness to learn, etc

Top Skills That Pay You $100 Per Hour

Although I had to spell out what skills are and the different types of skills before jumping into the skills that can pay you $100 per hour.

Most skills can pay you in dollars per hour and this will help you reach your target especially if you are looking for an improved monthly income.

Some of the skills will require you to undergo certain training in order to become a master in them.

1. Freelance Writing:

This is one of the best ways you can earn in dollars with fewer boundaries because you get to see your own rates.

You can write a blog post for a client who can pay very high rates if you want to earn extra bucks from writing.

You can diversify your freelance writing tasks by writing course books or marketing books.

But writing a blog post of 1500 words or less is a way to make more money.

You can find a quality client that can pay you $100 but first, you need to choose a niche you are very familiar with and create a quality blog post in less than an hour or an hour instead.

One thing about freelance that I love is that you don’t need a special degree to become one. You only need to master your writing skills and flow with a niche you understand perfectly well.

You can send great and quality pitches to your network or any freelancing site to bring in clients. Also, most businesses hire freelance writers and they are willing to pay $1000 per article. 

2. Personal Development Coaches:

Do you know that some personal development coaches like nutritional or life coaches earn a minimum of $100 per hour?

For those who are interested in helping others meet their set goals, you can opt in to become a certified coach.

If you were unable to get certified, you can become a self-taught coach. Serving and teaching others through your experience and what you overcame.

As long as you are motivating your clients and offering value while helping them to push further to be successful, you can start with charging them $100 for your services.

And in order to experience positive change, people would be willing to pay for such.

Not to forget, there are quite a number of different coaches like finance, business, health, leadership, communication, fitness coach and a host of others.

Also, you can earn more but it all drives how confidently you ask for what you are worth with testimonials, a guarantee and resources, your clients won’t relent in paying you for your services.

3. Start a Blog To Earn $100:

Starting a blog is really very tasking as it also requires you to be skilled in SEO and SEM marketing.

In the beginning, you might not be able to monetize but after you start building your viewership and sharing very valuable content, you can then focus on monetizing strategies.

Once you get lots of traffic, you can convert them to income. You can post services or products as an affiliate, post ads or partner with other brands.

To track your income per hour, you can track your time when completing certain tasks on the blog. Then you can track how much you can per month.

With blogging, the income may always vary but once you build a dedicated readership, earning $100 per hour may become history.

4. Freelance Photographer:

You don’t need a special degree before you can become a freelance photographer but you can acquire the necessary skills involved to become a mastery at what you do.

They take photos of clients at events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, and important gatherings like events and conferences.

They could have much experience in this work as they have subjected themselves to learning and doing the job.

They specialize in graphics art and designs and most likely earn $100 per hour.

5. Tattoo Artist:

Have you ever thought about being a tattoo artist? A lot of people are already making it big in this.

One thing again is you don’t need to have any formal education or degree before you can become a tattoo artist but you have to undergo apprenticeship training.

This will actually help you learn the necessary skills required.

A tattoo artist is one who applies tattoo designs to the skin of customers. 

He needs to create designs that appeal to his clients as tattoos have different meanings to each client.

They make more than $100 dollars depending on the customer

6. Copywriting:

Getting people to take action by writing persuasively in order to make more sales or get more clients has become very lucrative.

Copywriters can make $100 per hour by simply persuading people to buy a product or service

Some experts in copywriting can make a thousand dollars or can negotiate with you on the percentage their copy generates on sales.

To succeed well as a copywriter, you need to focus on generating returns for your clients.

7. Consulting:

This is quite similar to coaching but consultants help fix problems.

They help individuals or businesses fix issues or breakthroughs to greater levels.

If you can easily help people or businesses step out of troubling issues, you can even earn more than $100. 

The goal is also to create offers that could make them keep coming back for more.

8. Freelance Videographer:

This is another skill that pays $100 per hour. These videographers are creatives that capture quality content for their clients.

You can also find them working for producers or as a team.

They create documentaries, short music for adverts and then edit it to have quality video content.

They are also in high demand now and their rates are good.

9. Massage Therapist:

You don’t actually need a degree to become one but you have to undergo a series of training and hours of study to become one.

They treat their customers by using just a touch to manipulate the tissues in the body to relieve stress.

They also make $100 per hour 

10. Interior Designer:

Not everyone has this creative skill of designing or decorating a home, office or hotel.

They help to provide advice for the designs of interior space and ensure they meet the demands of their clients.

Engineering or architectural designs can help make you $100 an hour

11. Political Speechwriters:

Have you heard how politicians sway the public with just their speech?

If you have great writing skills, this could be an advantage to you.

You could write speeches for politicians or those aspiring to become one.

You could make $100 or more by simply working with them for a period of time.

12. Freelance Designer:

You can make more dollars by creating visual content for your clients for marketing campaigns.

You can work with art directors or copywriters to create beautiful visuals or printing materials even for some websites.

They also work with their customers directly to create amazing illustrations that suit their needs or preferences.

They charge as much as $100 per hour

13. Models:

If you can make a striking pose to promote a product or service then you can actually become a model.

Models promote clothing, footwear, or other products and services for a company. 

You can see them posing for an artist or participating in photo shoots, commercials or shows.

They make more than $100 per hour.

14. Tutor:

Tutors really help students become experts in a specific field of study.

They create their own timetable and schedules, and they work on their own. This makes them charge $100 or more depending.

The more in demand of the subject area of the tutor, the more charges he makes. And the more skilled at what he does, the more people want to work with him.

For instance, SAT tutors create materials and study plans for their students in order to help monitor their progress.

They must be experienced with the SAT test and tutoring techniques making them a great resource for SAT mastery.

15. Product Reviewer:

You can review products for top brands. You can pick a niche you know and review products in that niche.

Most of the reviewers have a blog or YouTube channel.

If you land a gig with a top company, you can make more than $100 per hour.


If you want to increase your earnings, it’s never too late to start. Some skills would require you to undergo some kind of training in order to be an expert in it. 

Have it in mind that there are skills that pay you $100 per hour but you need to put in the work.

Also, learn how to maximize your income in order to become more independent.

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