Too Young to Rule the World By C.B. Smith Pdf

Too Young to Rule the World By C.B. Smith Pdf

Download Too Young to Rule the World By C.B. Smith Pdf book free online – from Too Young to Rule the World By C.B. Smith Pdf book; The world is more crowded than ever. And with births happening at record rate the world will soon be overloaded. But something stranger still is happening. Adults are disappearing and children are taking their place. With the number of adults diminishing daily, the prospects for the future are nil.

Until Henderson Vogel comes along.

He is a boy genius who has the intellectual tools necessary to fix this problem. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to. That is, until he finds this problem was caused by someone stealing his genetic experiment and unleashing it on the world. Suddenly the old Vogel is gone, and in his place: Vogel the Avenger!


I am sure you have heard all about the recent wave of devolution running amok through life on this planet. A wave that has run wild like a tornado through a hurricane. If you have not heard, consider yourself either fortunate or blissfully ignorant. Given the present rate of reversion, it is quite clear that within a 30 to 60 day period, I, Henderson Vogel, will be the actual and default ruler of this planet.

It may seem to some rather bold of anyone, let alone a 10 year old wunderkind such as myself, to make a claim that on its face is beyond ridiculous. So it would seem. Until one weighs into consideration the unquestionable fact that by virtue of my immense IQ of 190, my dual  doctorates, and the equally unquestionable fact that the adult population is second by second reverting to their former child selves, there are few if any more capable or suited to the task of world dominion. Too Young to Rule the World By C.B. Smith Pdf

One need only wait long enough for the pieces to fall into place. At present nothing interferes or distracts me from my pursuits. Yet a short time ago, the parental units—trapped as it were in their adult incarnations—interfered with me with disturbing regularity becoming more problematic than a quite nasty virus. But time has plans of its own that one need only apply patience to witness. For instance: Two weeks ago mother and father said things such as, “Son we are a bit concerned with your preference of solitary pursuits,” while today, this very morning in fact, they said in unison, “Can we watch Yo Gabba Gabba again?” As you can see, when they are of Kindergarten age my time may be severely crunched.

I must caution you against a rush to judgment. Bear in mind that the attitudes and opinions expressed herein are in no way supported or endorsed by philanthropic or humanitarian organizations. As to be expected. Were I so unselfishly inclined I would not only be at least moderately selfless but most likely adult. Yet being a mere child as it were, such gallantry is unexpected and viewed with a degree of dismay. This must be calculated into the judgment process.

Through experimental studies I have isolated the precise group of genomes responsible for human aging. In short, what I have found will revolutionize the field of molecular biology, were I to publish in the journals. But given that I have left the academic community, my revolutionary findings will remain cloaked in silence.

Maintaining this state of concealment presents no problem. Given the present rate of reversion, i.e. adults reverting to childhood status, a metaphorical ice age will pass before inquires are made. Thus will the world age infinitely while I remain youthfully exuberant in body, mind, and spirit.