Tom’s Type by Stella Shaw Pdf

Download Tom’s Type by Stella Shaw Pdf.It was never just about the bedroom.
Life as an escort is Tom’s kind of fun. His ambitions are simple: to enjoy himself,

speak his mind, and finance his eccentric fashion habit. He’s never found romance, security, or trust from anyone except his found family at the Haven Hotel, where the type of men he meets are passing strangers who hopefully tip well. Then on one hot, summer afternoon at the hotel, he has a steamy, delicious encounter with Mr Flash (aka Craig) and a whole new ambition opens up.

Craig is a high-status banker, twice Tom’s age, and infamous for his honest but blunt ways. The type of men he dates are socially acceptable, discreetly dressed, and well-behaved… and Tom is none of that. But Craig knows what he wants, and that’s more of the gorgeous, infuriating young man who gave him one of the most exciting hours of his life.

The chemistry between them is hot and irresistible, and far more than a business transaction. But dating throws their lives into turmoil: a partnership between a fiercely independent street boy and a privately-educated businessman seems doomed from the start. When they attend a prestigious dinner together, Tom meets public disapproval and way too much formality, while Craig finds his whole career at risk from industrial espionage. They share core values, but is that enough?

Two types of men, different everywhere except where it counts; in their hearts. Together they make their own rules.