Tips for Getting Your Writing Career Off the Ground

Thinking about finally getting that writing career off the ground? Or, looking for a way to give your current writing career a boost? If you have something you want to say, it is time for the world to hear you! But, of course, we also have to pay the bills. So, here are some tips for taking your passion for writing and turning it into a more serious and potentially profitable pastime.

Tips for Getting Your Writing Career Off the Ground

Learn from the Best

There is no need to reinvent the wheel! People have been writing for millenia, and we are looking to stand on the shoulders of giants as we begin our journey in writing. This is why we must read a lot to figure out how we can fit into the bigger scene.

It also depends on what kind of writing you want to be doing. If you want to write a memoir, you should be reading some of the biggest memoirs of the current age as well as the classics. If you want to write a travel blog, then you should be following some of the best ones on the web today.

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Whatever your genre of writing will be, you should be a voracious consumer of those types of texts. Of course, stick to the best examples within your genre as much as possible.

Think About Your Audience

A key part of any approach to writing will involve thinking about your audience. Are they going to be younger or more mature? Do you prefer to come across in your reviews as friendly and approachable, or more as the seasoned expert?

Pitching your book to a publisher is a big deal, and each publisher will be looking for something different in their books. Some may want to include diverse protagonists, for example, while others may be running a series at the moment on a specific topic. Do this research as you write your work and present it to different potential buyers.

One way to get around this little snag is to self-publish. This is now easier than ever with online tools from Amazon and others. You do not have to pass through any gatekeeping here, but, of course, you will have to do without the additional support and audience that a traditional publisher will offer you.

Find Distraction-Free Writing Opportunities

Finding the right mental space can be harder and harder these days. When writing on our computers, we have the entire internet at the touch of our fingers, as well as the potential distractions from our home and family while we are trying to find the time to write.

Luckily there are a number of distraction-free writing devices and programs that have come out recently. Some of the most promising are devices that allow you to write as if using pencil and paper, but with the digital convenience of your text being searchable and easily edited.

Whether we use a technical solution, or we simply learn to find the time and space to write free of distractions, getting a hold on this is essential to being a productive writer.

Find a Supportive Community

The last and most important bit is to find a supportive community. We cannot do this alone. We need friends and family to encourage us as we go along. We also need a community of fellow writers to evaluate our work and sympathize with the difficult parts of the writing journey.

They will also be able to put you in touch with powerful people in the industry. This could be key to getting your manuscript a second look. With publishers and editors getting so many every week, this type of personal connection could be key to even getting yours read!

This supportive community will be key both to your emotional well-being as well as more concrete help along the way.


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