Tick Tock by Fern Michaels PDF

Tick Tock by Fern Michaels PDF

Download Tick Tock by Fern Michaels PDF book free online. The women of the Sisterhood have developed a motto: “Whatever it takes.” Regardless of how dangerous an adversary may be, or how overwhelming the odds against them seem, the group’s devotion to each other and to their cause has helped them achieve the seemingly impossible. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

But there’s a price to pay for success. In the course of both their official careers and their top-secret missions, the Sisterhood—and their menfolk—have acquired enemies. Myra has been feeling uneasy of late, and her fears are justified when her adopted daughter, Nikki, is seriously injured. With Nikki in a coma, and Nikki’s partner, Jack, convinced that the organization’s online security has been breached, the women of the Sisterhood are more vulnerable than they’ve ever been. 

Download Tick Tock by Fern Michaels PDF


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