Thirteen Revived By Jonny Newell PDF

Thirteen Revived By Jonny Newell PDF

Download Thirteen Revived By Jonny Newell PDF book free online – From Thirteen Revived By Jonny Newell PDF: Welcome to the darkness of – ‘Thirteen Revived’, a new, revised, and updated 2020 edition of Jonny Newell’s most successful book –

‘Thirteen’, 13 dark short stories and poems for the adult lover of dark tales with horror themes. As well as rewriting the original stories, Jonny has added extra stories and poems to make his 2nd anthology from 2014 even bigger in 2020! With believable characters and a black sense of humor flowing throughout his varied tales and themes. Cats (yes, cats), anger, revenge, murder, and mayhem feature for all readers that enjoy a bump in the night.

Excerpt from Sleeping Dogs Lie!:

There was nothing unusual about the day. The humidity seemed bearable enough for July and the smell of the freshly laid dolomite on Joe Scott’s prize-winning roses assured him he had just advised the neighborhood, he had done so. Ethyl summoned Joe to the front porch where she had just laid out a tray of scones with her special homemade blueberry and apple jam, fresh whipped cream, and a pot of earl grey.

Retirement always had been Joe’s big fear of the nothingness left in life but waiting to die. Yet, as he sat and ate, he looked into his wife of 52 years, loving eyes and admitted life had been good and was still extremely good.

“I heard Eddie Swartz finally passed away.” Ethyl stated and then took a sip from the Royal Doulton teacup.

“Really? Poor ol’ b****r never was gonna last long after the last stroke … that was a biggie!” Joe smiled at Ethyl as he pondered on how many of his mates he had lost in the very short space of the last few years.

They both believed in being good people … good Christians … good parents … good town citizens and were well-liked and respected in the township of – ‘Tallis’ – a small country town (even though it had tripled in the last twenty years) that kept to itself. Most people knew everyone else’s business but overall, there was no better place for them both to live out their lives. They had met here, they had courted here, got engaged here, as well as getting married here and then also be blessed with the one miracle from God – their only son! William John was born 26 years ago, kicking and screaming into their childless life, and just when they both had finally accepted they would never be parents … yes, it was a miracle!

They both sat on the porch in silence together as the scones disappeared from the plate and the teapot emptied. The sun shone brightly on what would seem just another day of their peaceful retirement before it was their turn to leave this Earth. The slow shut-down before God pulls your number out of the church bingo barrel.

But today was no ordinary day at all. For today – ‘Death’ was to enter their lives and eat them slowly but surely … starting from inside their hearts.

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