The Young Trailers By Joseph Altsheler Pdf

The Young Trailers By  Joseph Altsheler Pdf

Download The Young Trailers By Joseph Altsheler Pdf book free online – from The Young Trailers By Joseph Altsheler Pdf book; A tale of a boy’s life in the days of the early settlement of Kentucky, of hunting and fishing in the wilderness, of capture by the Indians and final release. More than ordinarily well told and faithful in spirit and description to the conditions and times.

He would show, at a time, when it was needed, what he really could do. He dropped his cup, rushed to the fire, and picked up a long brand, blazing at one end.

Swinging his torch around his head until it made a perfect circle of flame he ran directly toward the panther, uttering a loud shout as he ran. The animal gave forth his woman’s cry, this time a shriek of terror, and leaping from the bough sped with cat-like swiftness into the forest.

All the camp was awake in an instant, the men springing out of the wagons, gun in hand, ready for any trouble. When they saw only a boy, holding a blazing torch above his head, they were disposed to grumble, and the two sleepy guards, seeking an excuse for themselves, laughed outright at the tale that Henry told. But Mr. Ware believed in the truth of his son’s words, and the guide, who quickly examined the ground near the tree, said there could be no doubt that Henry had really seen the panther,

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