The Writer’s Guide to Monsters By Liz Hardy PDF

Download The Writer’s Guide to Monsters By Liz Hardy PDF book free online – From The Writer’s Guide to Monsters By Liz Hardy PDF: The Writer’s Guide to Monsters introduces readers to five of the nastiest Writing Monsters out there – and teaches some fast techniques for getting those claws out of your manuscript (and your life).


Meet the Writing Monsters 

Why are they so dangerous? 

Writing a book is a bit like camping in the forest with a bunch of Monsters. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing your first novel or your seventh, a TV script, or a manual on bee-keeping.  

Whatever you’re working on, the Writing Monsters always arrive when it’s time to write. They lurk hungrily under the trees, ready to feed on your precious time and energy. 

Before you know it, you’re covered in scratches and bruises. The constant howling is making you distinctly nervous, and writing is suddenly starting to look a lot like hard work. 

This e-book will help you identify five of the nastiest Writing Monsters out there. (And I’m afraid there are plenty more!) Once you know their ways, you’ll learn some fast techniques for getting their claws out of your manuscript – and your life. 

Like all Writing Monsters, these five beasts can be whispered. All it takes is a little knowledge, and a strong desire to finish that book! 

Let’s take a closer look at these dangerous creatures… 

1 The Time Monster. There’s more time to write than you think… 

The Time Monster’s always hungry. All he ever thinks about is eating. Unfortunately, his favorite food is your precious time, and he can never get enough of it. 

Is the Time Monster hunting you? 

You’ll know a Time Monster’s circling if: 

• You always mean to get back to your writing, but somehow never quite manage it.

• You’re really busy, but don’t seem to be achieving much – especially on your writing.

• In a typically busy week, your writing is the first thing to be sacrificed.

• It’s been weeks (or even months) since you last checked in with your manuscript.

• There’s dust on top of your current draft, and you can’t really remember what you covered in your last writing session.

The worst way to deal with this Monster is to ignore him. He’s not going anywhere. And when he finally takes a break from feasting on your time, you’ll find it’s been ages since you last did some serious writing.  

You’re now way out of touch with your manuscript, and getting back to it looks impossible.  After all, you don’t have time, right? 



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