The Would be goods By E. Nesbit

The Would be goods By  E. Nesbit

Download The Would be goods By E. Nesbit book free online – from The Would be goods By E. Nesbit book; So we were very pleased when Father said–

‘I’ve asked Mr Foulkes to send his children here for a week or two. You know–the kids who came at Christmas. You must be jolly to them, and see that they have a good time, don’t you know.’

We remembered them right enough–they were little pinky, frightened things, like white mice, with very bright eyes. They had not been to our house since Christmas, because Denis, the boy, had been ill, and they had been with an aunt at Ramsgate.

Alice and Dora would have liked to get the bedrooms ready for the honoured guests, but a really good housemaid is sometimes more ready to say ‘Don’t’ than even a general. So the girls had to chuck it. Jane only let them put flowers in the pots on the visitors’ mantelpieces, and then they had to ask the gardener which kind they might pick, because nothing worth gathering happened to be growing in our own gardens just then.

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