The Wardens Series Season 1 By Jackie Jones PDF

The Wardens Series Season 1 By Jackie Jones PDF

Download The Wardens Series Season 1 By Jackie Jones PDF book free online – From The Wardens Series Season 1 By Jackie Jones PDF: Hunting rogue supernatural creatures worldwide is more than a job for wardens Erin and Zach, it’s their whole lives. It isn’t easy, but whether it’s a nest of socouyants, vicious lycan clan, or a bratty dhampir teen, they get the job done.

Things get tougher as dangerous secrets about Erin’s supernatural past put a rift between her and Zach. She’s not sure she can trust him anymore and he’s scared of what her new powers might mean. With nefarious characters closing in on all sides, this isn’t the time to mess with a good thing.

Too bad no one’s listening to the synopsis writer.

(Buddy-type series with loads of fast-paced action, featuring many supernatural races, new magical systems and lore, and lots of diversity.)

Episode 1: SKINS
Episode 2: HOWL
Episode 3: LUST
Episode 4: TAKEN

Excerpt from SKINS:

Erin groaned and sat up straighter. Zach’s forefinger pissed her off, as it poked her awake each time she tried to get a little shuteye. Turned out he was some sort of green-eyed, dark haired, human-sized hawk, who didn’t miss anything, though his eyes were supposed to be on the house across the street.

“I’ve probably got bruising in my ribs from all that,” she said grumpily and grabbed the cup of soda they’d been sharing. Disgusted, she threw it back on the rental car’s dashboard, “And you’ve drank it all too.”

Zach ignored her grumbling and gestured to the two-storey house they’d been observing. “There’s been some movement in the last few minutes, but we’re going to have to get closer.”

“You mean I’m going to have to get closer, don’t you?” Erin said, still annoyed at the lack of soda.

Letting her sarcasm fly over his head, Zach handed her an earpiece which she immediately inserted. Their job required them to be in constant contact and this, along with a few other hidden gadgets found in her black jeans, tank top and leather jacket, all worked together to ensure that neither of them got into too much of a bind and could be easily extracted if they did.

“One time around and that’s that,” Zach said in warning and Erin nodded. She’d been known to go off course more often than their employers liked and Zach was usually the one cleaning up the mess.

“I know, I know, leave the hard work to the big boys.” She pulled her dyed curly red hair back with a band and got out of the car, her soft-soled black ankle boots allowing her to stealthily make her way to one side of the house. The deep quiet was unsurprising at well past two in the morning. Erin peered into one of the windows, the specially made contacts she wore allowing her to see through the darkness. Being a warden meant quiet, quick and most of all, unseen. She and Zach had been partnered up for just over two years and she often liked to say that she did all the hard work, while he got to stay in the van.

“Do you think this was a legit call Zach? Seems pretty good here to me,” Erin whispered when she’d made a full circle of the house. Her Barbadian accent came through too loud over the wire.

Zach adjusted the levels before answering, “It came straight from head office, so something has to be happening here, they’re just not sure what.” Erin stood from her crouched position and looked around the large backyard. The night was still and for a moment she wished she was tucked safely in one of the beds in this neighbourhood. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept in an actual one. She turned to retrace her steps,

“Heading back to you Zach, maybe we can take a break, get something to eat or . . .”

“Erin, third window on the left, go now!” The urgency in Zach’s voice got her moving and Erin ducked down again, making a dash for the other side of the house that Zach had indicated she should check out. Her heart beat faster and she could feel beads of sweat gathering at her temples. This always happened when there was about to be a sighting.

“Erin, hurry,” Zach urged, as if she wasn’t already. She raised herself up slightly when she reached the window and did so until she could see into the room. At first she saw nothing but furniture and scattered toys.

“Have I missed it?” she asked Zach anxiously, not wanting his answer to be ‘yes’ and face another meeting where their handler Damian, would emphasize how disappointed he was in them.

Zach’s answer came in a hushed tone, “Look up.”

Erin did as she was told and turning her gaze to the ceiling, saw exactly why they’d been sent to the backwoods of Kentucky. An old woman, naked and emaciated, clutched the wooden ceiling. She was sniffing the air, moving slowly towards the stairs that would lead her to the sleeping occupants. Chills ran through Erin at the sight – a soucouyant. They were wicked little creatures that sometimes shed their skin when they were ready to hunt and took the blood of others for their own gain. They did this every few years, a process that allowed them to recapture their youthful beauty, before their true haggard appearance took over once more.


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