The Traveller By Duncan James PDF

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Download The Traveller By Duncan James PDF book free online – From The Traveller By Duncan James PDF: An intriguing spy thriller. British and American intelligence agencies discover that the Chinese are carrying out secret research with the North Koreans to develop new nuclear weapons.

A daring and dangerous operation to capture the details is carefully planned by MI6 and eventually put into action but a top British agent finds himself on his own in a hostile country, and in a desperate race against time. He eventually manages to secure the information from a North Korean scientist before he dies of cancer and before the American CIA can get their hands on it, only to find that his escape route has totally collapsed. His only option appears to be for him to escape across China, to find the only possible source of help left to him. He evades detection, capture and attempts on his life before finally reaching home, where tragedy eventually catches up with him in a moving and unexpected twist at the end.


Dr. Choi Shin did not believe, as he was constantly told, that the Americas were scheming to invade and humiliate his homeland, or that South Korea was a servant of its American master. Neither did he believe that North Korea was a great country who’s brave and brilliant leaders were the envy of the world.

But he was the first to admit that he had not, so far, had a bad life, especially when compared with many others in his country. He knew how harsh life

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